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Nigels unpopular everywhere

Was working down in Crawley at a client's office today and saw some bod had left his car lights on as i was walking into the building.  Had a palace sticker on it but i thought id be a good samaritan so mentioned it to the middle aged dorris behind reception.

Me: Someone's left their lights on in the car park

Dorris:  Which car?

Me: The blue vauxhall vectra.

Dorris:  Where is it parked, ill send an email round?

Me: Just up's got a Crystal Palace sticker in the window

Dorris:  Palace?   Aah don't worry about it then.


Turns out she was a West Ham fan but warmed the cockles on a rainy morning





  • Sounds like you got on like a house on fire.

    When are you seein' her again?

  • I'm shocked you would even think of telling anyone Rodney.

    Surely it would've been brilliant coming back to your motor, seeing the mug trying to start his motor, tapping on his window and saying, "I noticed that your lights had been left on earlier. Enjoy the wait for the AA you ****, who's laughing now!"
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Roland Out!