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**********PLEASE CHOOSE THE PLAYERS YOU WANT TO SPONSOR******(Please re-edit early posts)


So this is probably going to be tricky and not to everyone's liking but as it stands we have enough money (if you all pay up) to sponsor 7 away shirts. 

We will take voting for six for the moment and may be leave one behind for our "star signing".  PLEASE note that I do not have full confirmation that some of these shirts are available.  If they are not then the next popular player will be picked.  We will try and do this the fairest way possible. If a player isn't listed it means they are already sponsored or their future is in doubt - we want to try and avoid having to keep swapping players throughout the season.  So Off_its idea was a good one.

Please choose TWO from each category and put a mark next to the player you wish to sponsor. 

Group A: Homegrown Heroes

Cousins, Jordan
Davisson, Ben
Elliot, Rob
Harriott, Callum
Solly, Chris
Wagstaff, Scott
Osbourne, Harry

Group C: New Kids on the Block

Alonso, Mikel
Evina, Cedric
Green, Danny
Hayes, Paul
Hollands, Danny
Izquierdo, Ruben
Morrison, Michael
Stephens, Dale
Sullivan, John
Wiggins, Rhoys

ive taken the temporary decision - my advisors dont appear to be at their desks to help me.  and have removed category B for the time being - safe to say J Jackson will get the sponsorship on that one.

So now please vote for two from the above two categories. 
Even if we only pick 5 players now - we can choose more later.

have deleted category B which was: Veterans: Jackson/Doherty/Wright Phillips.  WPhillips shirt has gone. Will hope for Jackson.



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