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taking young children to the valley!



  • I'm taking my oldest to his second game of the season today. He's very excited. He says he'll be looking out for our number 5 again. Hopefully Morrison can put in a good performance and prevent a clean sheet?!

    Unfortunately there are engineering works on the train line from Whitstable this weekend and I didn't check before purchasing the match tickets. It means having to change from train to bus on three occasions to get there so we are now going to do the start of the journey by car to cut down travel time to prevent him from getting bored. I can hear him now, "Daddy. Are we nearly there yet?"
  • Bringing 7 yr old Billy and 4 yr old Pippa ( grandkiddies) today. We have purchased u11 s tkts next to us for the past couple of seasons but parties/other activities etc has meant this is only Billy's 4th match and Pippa's first.
    Taking Billy on the pitch before ko for presentation of NWKA's cheque to Paul Hart and hoping that's the start of a brilliant afternoon for all concerned.
    East Stand Block E where we sit is predominanyly s tkt holders and most of those are long termers so no problems with taking children to that area.
  • Hope they have a great day Jean.
  • Took my 3 month old son today for the first time. He didn't cry once, stayed awake throughout smiling and we won. Celebrated by buying him his first kit. Sat in the family stand and thought it was brilliant for kids.
  • I went to first game aged 6. dont think i was that interested as we won 3-0 at the mighty stags. my dad recalls that i spent the whole game staring at the large crowd of people around me. i was clearly very young and quite deluded.

    i now take my daughter aged 10, in her first season and she loves it and all the sledging between fans. Rude songs are great fun to a 10 year old. oh and at school last week she had one over the wendies and monday it will be the blades. now that is a first.
  • Been taking my son for three years and he is now 6. First couple of years were tough, regular wee breaks, seat banging, seat kicking and the majority of time falling asleep (even when goals have been scored and I have jumped up). Thought he did not pick up the swearing in the East Stand until today when he jumped up and said 'F**k off referee'. I told him off, but the bloke behind said 'he has got a point'.
  • Been taking my 7-year-old on & off since he was 4, and he loves it. He has learned a few new words, mind... And that people smoke in the toilets..
  • I was sat in the North East family corner. Just before we scored, the fans in the North Upper upped the noise a little, after if I remember rightly, Wiggins going on a few runs leading to a couple of chances. My son was covering his ears saying that it was too loud.
  • Idle Jnr is 15 now, but I was pleased to pick up a copy of The Greatest Game in the shop today for a fiver, and can't wait to show him the legendary Clive, Roof, Brownie et al.
    He's been going a while -think his first game was Parker's last when we beat Wolves 2-0. Sits in North Upper and sings more than I do (and swears MUCH more). He doesnt seem to resent me bringing him up an addick despite the past few years of decline, an dhas no time for local kids in Chelsea and Man U shirts.

  • Thanks, Kap.

    Billy loved it & on 4 visits hasn't seen us lose yet. Pippa found it a bit much but it didn't help that I couldn't get seats for her Mum & Dad as close to us as I'd hoped. She was OK when she sat with them and was cheering the win at the final whistle.

    Hoping to take Billy to his first game under lights v MKDons at half term.
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  • Took two Chelsea 10 year olds today with my little uns - they loved it (mind you was the first game ever been to)
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  • Both my kids started going when they were about 7 or 8 years old and at 25 and 23, still adickted! They have seen the ups and downs! One of the funniest moments was against Southampton( first game in Prem and first game of season), we had just got back from USA on holiday that morning but were determined to make it. My daughter slept through all 5 goals we scored! Shattered and jet-lagged but we all had a great time! She was oblivious to it all.
  • I was 6 when I first went when we were in the prem and we played Brentford in the cup. The only problem I had my Dad picked me up when we scored and I got really scared. I've been a season-ticket holder since then.
  • Took my lad to see a game when 9 months as it was Liverpool in the premier and felt we might not be back for a while, he is 6 now and had a season ticket for the last three years, he loves it, the club really could do no more for attracting young support and its great Dad moment seing them almost as excited as you, yesterday he said "Dad, I just love Charlton" given the last couple of season before I thought he would have seen enough....take the. You wont tegret it
  • Quick question on the subject of tickets - my son came today and he's 3 months old. The club said he didn't need a separate ticket so long as I was happy to have him on my lap.

    Is there an age when the club enforce a child to have a separate ticket?
  • First game i went to at valley I was 5, I don't think I actually watched a game until I was 8. In 1962 crowds of 6,000 and a walk round stadium made it the biggest playground you could imagine. The away end had a grassy knowle on the car park side with a goal on it, and there was always kids kicking a ball. The East and south terraces went on for ever and digging moss out with a lollystick was hard work. Happy days,
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