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and Len cannot post!

I'm trying to post my marks!


  • happens to me when I copy and past it.

    Just write it out yourself.
  • happens to me when I copy and past it.

    Just write it out yourself.
    I wrote it out myself and got the same thing which is why I copied and pasted it
  • In that case I cannot help you - sorry.
  • Hamer 7 Saved the penalty and generally competent apart from one flap from a corner in the first half

    Solly 7 We've got Chris Solly he's very good! Did what he had to do well

    Morrison 7 Carlisle didn't give up and Loy looked decent but MM did his stuff as usual

    Taylor 7 What I usually say - as Morrison

    Wiggins 8 A real threat going forward with his pace and did the defensive stuff too

    Green 7 Began to appreciate what Powell sees in him. Some decent crosses and linked with Kermit well on occasion

    Hollands 7 Steady hardworking game in midfield which helped lay the foundation of the win. A bit of luck for his goal but, over the season, he's earned that

    Hughes 8 I was apprehensive when BDL read out his name and more so 2 minutes into the game but he settled and worked his whatsits off. Lovely free kick leading to the first goal and the best compliment I can pay him was that he reminded me of a poor man's Kishishev with his all action performance

    Jackson 7 Rock steady J J performance working well with Wiggy some incisive passing

    Kermorgant 9 Immense. Two goals, won everything and held it up well. Can't ask for much more from a striker!

    Wright Phillips 7.5 Hardworking performance and a much better understanding with Kermit. The finish for his goal was arguably the quality moment of the match

    Wagstaff n/a 7 Two crosses in about a minute after coming on one of which almost resulted in a magnificent overhead kick from BWP. Anything Danny can do..... a sign perhaps that competition in the squad is good.

    Euell n/a 7 Steadying influence when it threatened to kick off and probably helped some of our players avoid needless cards
    Hayes n/a 6 a shame he fluffed a touch to put Waggy through one on one near the end
  • I've had that problem.  I think you need to use the "Paste as Text" button.
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    Cracked it!!

    There's a little brief case just above with a T on it. Hit that and it gives a box with submit on the bottom. Paste into that, hit submit and then hit post and Bob's your Fanny's aunt!

  • trying and do the fanatsy football updates have the same problem, hence no updates and no way am i typeing it
  • @leftbehind, just copy and paste half the text in to one comment, then the other half into another comment. Easy.
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