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Ladies! Interested in playing football?

Hi, I'm Emma Junior Reds Ladies FC and we're trying to recruit new players for 2012.
We're looking for mixed ability ladies aged 16+ to join us. We train in Charlton Park (Charlton Park Road, Charlton, SE7) on a grass, floodlit pitch. We have two professional coaches and like I said anyone is welcome, and it's completely free.
We train Wednesday evenings 7-8pm.
If you need any additional information, contact Sam on 07532230533, or alternatively join our facebook page:

We're looking to join an 11 aside league in September, but to achieve this we need a solid 11, plus subs. If we can get this, Charlton said they would also be interested in investing.

*also if you see this and you know anyone who might be interested, please pass the info on!


  • What, even if I'm short, unfit and rubbish?
  • If I was at least 20 years younger and lived 400 miles closer to Charlton, then I would love to, Emma, but afraid my playing days are well behind me now. All the very best with it - hope you find some players. Unfortunately this board only has about 5% females on it (according to recent survey), so you might need to rely on the men passing on the message to their wives/ girlfriends/ sisters/ daughters!
  • Plaaaayer on here is decent.
  • What, even if I'm short, unfit and rubbish?
    If only this was last year, in which case you would have qualified for the men's team.

  • Haha!
    I could've given McCormack a run for his money in CM BFR!
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