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Not wanting to hijack Grumpy's missive from on high –

Happy Birthday!


  • what another one RM ?

    enjoy it
  • Have a great 86th birthday fella.
    Ray & Lynne
  • @RedMidland happy birthday sir
  • Happy Birthday Red, @MrsRM he can have his prezzies now.
  • Have a good one!
  • Happy Birthday RM...really appreciate the match threads when I can't be there...have a great day! :-)
  • Don't know the fella but I do read his stuff. I'm going to be in my 50's and unemployed one day very soon and just hope I can draw some inspiration from his story.
  • Thanks to you all.....yep got my prezzies........and very impressed I was with them!! As for doing the match threads I'm glad you all enjoy them....but thanks must also go to @Paddy17 who gives the opposition teams comments. One good piece of news is that my boss is looking to make my job permanent (its currently due to finish in November).....I hope he does otherwise I'll be 57 (as of today) and looking for work again....and that'll be tough.....and Im not sure that this time I'll get through it....but gotta stay positive....talking of positive....I hope our fans can remain so over the coming 7 games....I'm sure we will pull through, but we need to stay together and give the team 'MASSIVE' support staring on Saturday.
    Once again thanks for remembering my birthday, very kind of you all...(except
  • Happy Birthday

  • May the Lord (Curbs) be with you..
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  • happy birthday red......
  • Happy Birthday Red , hope your 'Physic balls' get a nice caressing tonight :-0
  • Happy Birthday and thank you for all the hard work in the match threads. Enjoy yourself.
  • Happy Birthday!! x
  • All the best.
  • I thought last Saturday was a bit slower than usual: old age creeping up! :-) Hope you had a good one.
  • Happy birthday RM. (I think it was yesterday by now).
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Roland Out!