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England strikers

While reading the Peter Crouch thread it got me thinking what strikers should England take to the Euro's?

My four/five strikers would be: D Bent, Rooney, Sturridge and Heskey Judas

Some other names to throw into the mix are: Welbeck, Carroll, Zamora, Crouch, Holt, Graham and Campbell.


  • If Zamora/Welbeck/Carroll are in there then so should Holt & Graham.

    Wellbeck was awful last night, Zamora is pony and Carroll has lost his Newcastle form at Liverpool.
  • Bent will be injured short of a miracle.
  • If Zamora/Welbeck/Carroll are in there then so should Holt & Graham.

    Wellbeck was awful last night, Zamora is pony and Carroll has lost his Newcastle form at Liverpool.
    Your point has been taken.
  • HESKEY??????????????????
  • He scores when he wants,
    He scores when he waaaaants.
    Emile Heskey, he scores when he wants
  • given that we'll play 433, with players like Sturridge, A Young, Milner, A Johnson, Walcott, Downing occuping the wide positions, I suspect Rooney, Defoe and Carroll to go

    Alex Ox-Chamberlain would be my wild card in the squad.
  • My England team for the Euros:-
    Johnson Jagielka Terry Cole
    A.Johnson,Parker,Barry, Young


    Parker and Barry will sit and A Johnson and Young will push on.It will save us from getting stuffed like we did against Germany.
  • Big believer that an inform player should always be considered. For Grant Holt has had a better season than most, and why not Ricky Lambert? More than proved himself in the Championship, I'd rather mark Bent and Defoe than have to mark Lambert for 90 mins.
  • He scores when he wants,
    He scores when he waaaaants.
    Emile Heskey, he scores when he wants
    He just dosen't want to.
  • A quote from Saturdays match program,page 34." When the ball hits your head whilst you are sat in Row Z,thats Zamora!"
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  • Holt, Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck

    Would love to see Holt for England
  • Carrol and Heskey to start.

    But seriously...

    Holt, Crouch, Rooney, Sturridge, Graham
  • Get big Holt on that cargo plane
  • What abour Rickie Lambert?
  • Would have to say leave Rickie till he's played at the highest level

    Holt has taken each step up in his stride, why not at international
  • Rooney, Bent (who will be fit in time I reckon, he's into his rehab now) Welbeck and Sturridge

    Holt is decent, but not good enough, same as Graham, Zamora, Andy Johnson, K Davies etc. etc.

    I'd take Walcott, Young, Downing and Adam Johnson, and play 433 for most of the time, or that 4231 formation that Man City like to play

    This would be my team if everyone was fit.
    Richards, Lescott, Cahill, Baines
    Parker, Gerrard
    Walcott, Rooney, Young

    Terry, Cole and Ferdinand can rot on the bench, and Lampard wouldn't do enough to start
  • Holt would be one man who'd wear the shirt with immense pride. He's worked his way through the divisions and gets better and better.
    The rest are a pretty sorry bunch.
    Rooney will be missing for the majority of the early games
    Zamora .. Zorro and Zidane he aint
    Heskey .. errrr, no no no
    Welbeck .. yes, as there are few alternatives
    de Foe .. same as Welbeck
    Bent .. if fit, yes
    Walcott .. yes
    Graham .. yes, but he won't get selected

    I think Holt will get in as a bit of a wild card and I hope he does well
    De Foe
    Walcott ... perm any 5 from 6
  • Welbeck has been awful when I have watched him. Not to say he is but I have never seen him play well.
  • Graham plays in a 4-3-3 and 4-5-1 formation, and makes all their midgets play being a focus and pivot. Allows Rooney, Walcott, and Wellbeck space. Won't ever get picked but is a far better player than Holt. I'd still take Crouch as he'll score in the early rounds, plus all the others apart from Graham have serious problems with positioning and interplay when possession % drops: Graham works along the line in a footballing and one that is struggling.

    Rooney, Walcott, Bent or Defoe if unfit, Crouch, and Graham. Ashley Young can also double up.
  • Euros strikers: Rooney, Crouch, Sturridge, Defoe

    (assuming Bent is not fit, if he is then I would take him 100%)

    There are only 2 friendlies before the Euros so the likes of Graham, Holt etc will not be getting in unless there are another couple of injuries.

    As above the key is the midfield in my opinion and most particularly the pace/attacking threat from Walcott, Young, A Ox-Ch, Adam Johnson would be in there for me as well but I fear Mancini has cost him his spot
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  • The difference between Holt and Graham is movement. Holt is a battering ram, a good one at that. Graham can play anywhere across the opposition defensive line. He can go head to head with big cd's, work in-between cd's and fb's, drop deeper to pivot for quick breaking deeper players and change his approach mid-match.

    Holt is a forward in the classic English style, I can't remember one of them being effective in a major tournament in my lifetime. Hateley and Smith, were supremely bested by Beardsley when brought into the side, and god help us if we have to watch a team with Holt drop deeper and deeper in the classic shit English style.

  • Graham's movement is superb
    I like Defoe as a player but whats he played 10 games this Season????

  • Holt & graham? Mike bassett comes to mind. Our only chance of respectability is a fit wilshere
  • Whatever you may think of Danny Welbeck I have a lot of time for his Dad. He's a bomb disposal expert in the army. His name is Stan.....
  • IF Bent isnt fit, id take Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck and Crouch
  • edited April 2012
    Our only chance of respectability is a fit wilshere
    Just a shame his ankle is made of crisps.
  • Doesn't matter who we take or play as we will struggle to get out of the group then get knocked out in the next round! Same old form!
    Until the last of the 'Golden Generation' are binned (Terry, Cole, Gerrard, Barry, Lampard) I've got no interest in watching England. I am as patriotic as the next Englishman but the last straw was the debacle in South Africa!
    Use this tournament to blood the next generation of youngsters.
  • I'd take Scott Sinclair.
  • The depressing thing is looking at all the suggestions above none of them are European or World class players.

    If consideration is being given to the likes of Sturridge, Welbeck, Sinclair etc it shows how low the standard of English strikers has fallen.
  • If Bent is fit he is a must.
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