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NEW SOUND FILE: Wembley 98 penalties

To get everyone in the mood for Saturday, we take you back to some of the finest, emotional commentary you're ever going to get on the radio.

Take a bow Mansfield and Powell.

You're gonna love this one !


  • Be prepared to be emotional- anyone who isn't is not a true Addick- FACT.
  • can't test it at work, has it come through ok ?
  • It's there but i haven't listened to the penalty bit- don't want to get bleary eyed in front of my PA.

    Macho image and all that!
  • i thought you worked on your own!
  • Absoloutley superb and very emotional too.
    Thanx AFKA
  • before i link it elsewhere, can someone confirm the sound comes through ok ? cheers
  • Yea sounded fine to me,couldn't add any comments on there tho due to being too blurry eyed.
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]i thought you worked on your own!

    I run my own business, but share an office with a guy who does similar stuff, and we share a PA.

    Funny how i can't do emotional in front of her but can openly admit to it on here.
  • Sounds fine - everyone in my office will be forced to salute in about five minutes...
  • Have it super clive!
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  • Damn those pens were tense - I remember could barely celebrate after the win I was so knackered!
  • how many goose pimples did i just get when mendonca equalised......
  • How are you Sco? Yeah, I'm alright mate. Everyone can be happy - I've found my own little thread to talk to myself on...
  • Didn't realise the pens took so long - seemed to go by in a flash at the time. How important was it we took the first one so always had the lead/ put the pressure right back on them? Jonah scores!!!!
  • jonah's just scored , i mean i thought he'd never score!!!
  • now newton - 'who don't wanna take it'...but scores anyway!
    'someone's gotta miss in a minute...'
  • i'm glad i wasn't listening to that commentary when mark screams 'ilic has saved it!! oh and i'ts gone in' when chris makin took one
  • I've gone all goose bumpy now...
  • I'm a minute or two ahead of you, ooh aah - agree re Makin!
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  • Bet you didn't think we would OohAah ;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]we won!!!!! can happen!
  • [cite]Posted By: stanmoreaddick[/cite]Bet you didn't think we would OohAah ;-)
    lol , you're so right i still don't believe it happened, each time i watch/listen i think we're gonna lose it this time;-)
  • only fools are enslaved by time and space
  • [cite]Posted By: PeakeysRocket[/cite]only fools are enslaved by time and space
    you're a strange one
  • i didnt watch our players taking the penalties, only the sunderland ones. i don't know why but ive done that ever since for other Charlton games and England games.

    When Sasa saved that the tears rolled down my cheeks, face paint started running me, my mum and my dad were hugging loads and all crying together. i remember my mum whispering in my ear saying that my granddad who recently had passed away had be willing us on for the rafters. Amazing moment.

    it was such an emotional moment and quite possibly the closest i have ever felt to my parents (thats pretty sad i know). It really does make me well up even just thinking about that day.
  • westside, i too couldnt/didnt watch, head in hands all the way! When my lil bro (a bit bigger than me tho!lol) started jumping all over me kicking and punching i knew. That feeling was amazing!

    I will never forget that day, and i will never forget how i felt after, walking down wemberly way, unbelievable! i couldnt believe it
  • Why did u go and post that makin me look a bubbering wreck at work.
  • GLR was also good. Heard Garth Crooks and the other presenter go mental when Sasa saved.

    Compare with Jonathon shout-a-lot pearce on Capital. "oh, Charlton are promoted" You could tell the palace twat was hurting :-)
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]i didnt watch our players taking the penalties, only the sunderland ones. i don't know why but ive done that ever since for other Charlton games and England games.

    the thing i always remember was nipping out back for a leak and seeing dozens of people just sitting on the concourse floor, not being able to take no more.

    JohnboyUK was having breathing troubles by the end of it, and he's a Spurs fan !
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