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FAO Ledge Knows

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Saw your post earlier about travelling into London and out again for home games.

Not sure if you live near a tram station, but have you tried getting the tram to Elmers End, then the train from there to Lewisham and changing there for the train to Charlton? It sounds a bit long winded but I used to live on the Elmers End line (in Catford) and the train times used to work out well - definitely on the way back at least. The good thing is that now the DLR is at the Sham you can get this to/from Greenwich and pick up the trains on that line if the trains are late/fooked.

Lots of changes = more that could go wrong, but it might be worth a try? Also, check for engineering works - am sure the Sham - Charlton line wasn't working on Sat.

(I'm off now to study my well thumbed copy of "Trainspotters Monthly". There's a very good article in there about the rolling stock on the St Ives branch line this month!)


  • My tram station is near mitcham way so would be quite a trek to elmers end to be honest.

    Found my way saturday the best so far and we won 4-0
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    It's only a couple of stops past East Croydon though. Was just a thought.

    Honestly, you try to do some people a favour ..................!

    Edit: Just looked it up on National Rail Enquiries website (it's a slow day here). Elmers end to Charlton takes 30 mins on a Saturday apparently - so as long as the tram takes less than 45 you're laughing!
  • oh is it only 2 stops = i'll stand corrected

    30 minutes to charlton that's the nuts.
  • What was that "cheers mate, I owe you a pint"???
  • Don't do it, Ledge, it might be unlucky!
  • [cite]Posted By: Weegie Addick[/cite]Don't do it, Ledge, it might be unlucky!

    What, buying me a pint?
  • Well, he didn't do that last Sat either, did he?
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