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Caption Competion - New



  • After having problems with Charlton ballboys last season, Chris Powell has decided to take matters into his own hands.
  • Powell on phone, Tony Soprano style: "Sign the deal Baldock. Just sign the f'ing deal."
  • So let's go back, follow the yellow brick road
    As we go on another episode
    Journey with me as I take you through this nifty little place
    That I once used to call home sweet home

    Back to the Valley, were going back to the Valley!
  • Chris Powell gives up on cleaning the seats.
  • Chris Powell attempts to sit in the hallowed location of my season ticket seat of 18 years, but is warned off as he isn't worthy, so sits 10 rows down.
  • Charlton manager distances himself from rumours that he is in a relationship with Steps frontman 'H' by sitting next to Elle.
  • Powell sits down to cool off after he realises that the Spanish seat installation company has spelt out 'Athletico Chalton' in white seats.
  • The management prepare for the likely atmosphere of the upcoming Fulham game.
  • "Come on Tony (Jiminez), I know you want total control but please can i have my sit back in the dug out"
  • League 1 Manager of the year Chris Powell adds to his award by winning Gold in the inaugural 2012 Olympic Musical Chairs Event!
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  • The new dug-outs are in blue so I'm gonna sit up here so on the back pages ! don't get mistaken for the Chelsea manager!
  • Chris Powell insists on inspecting every seat, before the seat cleaning volunteers are allowed to go home
  • Can all the people who love the new shirt sit in the east stand, the ones who don't fill the others
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