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  • I thought you'd started culling Palace fans early!!!!!
  • Ha, hiya Budgie. Hope you are well. Look forward to your honest views post Friday and ignore any childish posts.
  • If you are still having problems of any sort, empty your browser cache and report back.
  • Thanks mate, I'll certainly post then.

    Must admit I'm glad there's been a bit of a break, as it'll hopefully give our new lads some time to gel, I'm more confident now since the new faces arrived, but I'll happily take a draw now.
  • As my PC logs all my passwords and normally signs me into my accounts automatically, I thought it was just a case of my password history being erased (as has happened in the past). Wasn't sure on the password and after going through the 8 or so I normally use, I started to panic. Went away and done some gardening to calm down and looged straight in when I tried later.............
  • edited September 2012
    @smiffyboy Empty your browser's cache as a first step towards correcting this.
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