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++++Christmas greetings to all Lifers++++

With @WSS roasting his chestnuts, @StubleyAddick playing with his scaletrics, and @suzisausage busy in the kitchen making her award-winning mince pies, the festive season is well and truely underway here at CL Towers.

Once again, we’ve had to upgrade our platform and hosting through the year as traffic continues to increase at a rate of knots. 2011 saw a 51% increase in traffic on 2010, and 2012 has seen a 66% increase on 2011. Over the course of the year, 24 million pageviews will have been recorded by nearly 600,000 unique visitors. The busiest day was transfer deadline day which saw over 157,000 pageviews. On the whole, we’ve been pleased with the platform performance and had less downtime than we have had in recent years.

As always, we are eternally grateful to those Lifers who have helped contribute something extra in some guise or other through the course of the year, in particular WSS, RedMidland, Lancashire Lad, Seth & Paddy, Shirty, Henry, Curb It, Suzisausage, Stubley, Sadie, Stig, Thai Malaysia, Grumpy, the team of writers who helped provide the brilliant Euro12 and Championship previews, and those currently working on the end of year reviews (apologies to anyone I have forgotten).

This is every member's platform, the opportunity is there for you to utilise it as much as you want, so if you wish to get involved in any way, or have any ideas, please send me an inbox.

So to everyone who posts or reads this site, wherever you are in the world, thank you for using CL and we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

AFKA & Lookout


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    Merry Christmas x
    edited December 2012
    Merry Christmas all and I'd like to thank all of the Lifers who I would never have met if it wasn't for this site, for helping me through my most difficult year personally. Made some truly fantastic mates.

    Here's to a great 2013.
  • Happy Christmas to you all
  • Merry Christmas especially to AFKA and Lookout for running a brilliant site and to everyone else. I get more information from here about Charlton than anywhere else! And what a variety of information....
  • Happy christmas to all and thanks to everyone for making this the only site worth revisiting on a daily basis....I'd get alot more work done if this wasn't here!
  • Happy Christmas and New Year to everybody here. Many thanks to AFKA and team for establishing and running this excellent site.
  • Where's my pressie?
  • Merry Christmas to everyone on CL.

    Hope we can all live, love, laugh and be happy in 2013
  • Merry Christmas! Have a good one! x
  • Happy Christmas to all.
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  • Happy Christmas everyone!

    Special thanks to all those whose hard work goes to make this forum so great.

    Whatever our occasional differences, we are all part of the big happy Addick family and may we all have a wonderful 2013

    Hugs to the boys and kisses to the girls x
  • Davo55 said:

    Happy Ch
    Whatever our occasional differences, we are all part of the big happy Addick family and may we all have a wonderful 2013

    Hugs to the boys and kisses to the girls x

    Well said Davo
  • Happy Christmas Lifers!
  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    Thanks AFKA and others for the opportunity to write on a regular basis which I have enjoyed every minute of!

    Lets hope for a brilliant 2013!
  • Merry Christmas to all lifers and Merry Xmas to @Big_Robin :-o
  • Yeah whatever you sad losers

    Bah humbug

    On a serious note Been a shit year on many fronts for many people on here but the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that people come together and offer real support kindness and advice

    It seems so long ago now that my little girl got sick when actual fact it was just about a year ago this weekend

    We never knew if we would celebrate Xmas last year and we went through a real horrible start to the year there are many things that keep you smiling and here does that for me

    It ain't everyone's cup of tea Charlton life but it is mine

    WSS glad you are in a good place Stu glad your mum is improving

    Happy Xmas everyone god bless and I hope it's a good one for you all

    Viva Charlton life forever
  • As others have said at times coming on here is s cathartic and even helpful experience. Cheers one and all
  • Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all on CL.
  • Absolutely cracking work and an excellent site.

    It's a few who put in the legwork to make it work, but it's everyone who makes it such a vibrant place.

    Happy Xmas all, and many thanks to those who make CL tick.
  • Happy Xmas y'all
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  • Merry Xmas everyone!
  • Charlton Life is one of the main ingredients of the glue that helps to bind us, the faithful, together.

    Long may it continue to be produced !

    A Very Happy Christmas & a Prosperous, Healthy and Pointfilled New Year to one and all.

    Onwards & upwards !


  • Tidings of comfort and Joy to all of yous

    Merry Christmas from a Shows Switzerland to an Ickle corner of SE7 i Miss greatly
  • Extremely grateful for the hard work you guys put into this site. Well done afka and lookout. Special mentions to the match thread team led by rm and stig for the on this day thread. In particular I want to thank princessfiona and others who offered support in august when we had a family accident.
  • Merry Christmas from sunny California to one and all. And here' s wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2013.
  • Thanks to all the CL team - it's such a vital link for us ex-pats. Merry Christmas from the Frozen North....
  • Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  • Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to all lifers. Special thanks to the people who make this site possible.
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all Lifers and CAFC supporters. Love this site
  • Can only echo previous comments.
    Best site by far.

    Merry Xmas
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