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Following Charlton away

I need to find as many Charlton fans as possible who were attending away games in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s for a new book I'm researching. Anyone interested in contributing or - equally - know of older friends, relatives who were following us away from home during that period please post. I need fans with good memories and, ideally, some good anecdotes. Thanks.


  • @Ketman was going in the 60s ask him.
  • 70's and 80's ... Let me know what you want
  • Did some in 60's but a number in 70's & 80's (with others who post on here), trouble is my memory is terrible, but I am sure between us we could come up with some funny anecdotes.
  • stonemuse said:

    70's and 80's ... Let me know what you want

    same here.
  • mid eighties onwards ...
  • 70's & 80's.
  • 85/86 onwards
  • 1983 onwards if any use
  • A handful of late 60s - and a shedload of 70s and 80s

    Some of those memories are fading a bit now, mind!
  • 70.s by coach,80,s by train and auto and 90,s by train.Sack full of tales some of which would make a good read.
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  • Oggy Red said:

    A handful of late 60s - and a shedload of 70s and 80s

    Some of those memories are fading a bit now, mind!

    Same for me but we could make it up, couldn't we?
  • I went to Old Trafford in the FA Cup in '94 if that helps?
  • 70s ......they say if you remember it you wasn't there.
  • Did a few in the early 60's including a friendly at Gravesend! Remember going to Villa in the cup 5th Round 1962 on the train. All the team were on the same train coming back. I think it was special train direct to Aston station. Jeez, .... over 50 years ago!!!
    But like Valley McM memory fading!
  • My older brother went away a lot in the Seventies and Eighties. I'll have to bend his ear. Can't remember where it was, but he has a funny story about the train just pulling out of some Godforsaken station in the Seventies after the game, when he sees Derek Hales legging after it with two carrier bags full of beer.
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    60's and 70's particularly - Rentariots - Blackpool etc..
  • 75-76 season onwards
  • 1980's onwards although I did some London ones from the late 70's.

    Look in the Seb thread where supporters talk about previous legends like Dennis.
  • Thanks - I shall be in touch with everyone shortly. I sense some good stories are out there.
  • Late 80's on the Paul Ellis train specials.

    Trying to find our 30 reserved seats LOL
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  • yes got a few from late 50's onwards
  • Late 60's onwards--would like to contribute.
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    Mid sixties onwards...rentariot, the Soundas years :) away totty, hospital jobby's, being arrested, personality disorders (was a hippie and a football hooligan at the same time) I have total recall of every game.
  • The last few Brentford always - only 'cos of the pubs.
  • I mid 80's onwards too
  • I've got nothing for you Matt, but I love the idea of this book. I hope you can get to interview some of these guys. Sounds like it will be fascinating.
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    Will you be paying a fee? (Like Scott Parker I've got to put my family first and make as much money as possible.)
  • 70's, 80's & 90's, apparently I was at many away games........
  • 1st was Colchester in the cup 1982?
    Then from 1986ish onwards.
    Tales would follow a similar theme such as;
    Meet at westhorne ave off license. Buy bottle of scotch, gin, lemonade and coke. Tip half of lemonade and coke away. Fill up bottles with gin and scotch. Get coach at well hall. Need a piss before the m1. Fall asleep before daventry. arrive at destination.Get dragged around northern hole looking for a specific pub that sold fishermans cod piece ale or some other strangely named bitter. Arrive at ground and agree a lie on how many fans we took. Watch charlton lose. Get back on coach and moan about charlton losing. Finish any remaining drink. Sleep it all off. Arrive back at well hall. Go to pub. Go to curry house.
  • In the fifties went to Arsenal/Highbury a couple of times, mixed in with Arsenal fans at the clock end. You could then (on my own 12/13 y.o.) my aunt lived close by. Also Chelsea/Stamford Bridge with oval track around it (never liked that, too far away from the action a-la Brighton a couple of years ago). Am still going to many away games, drove to Carlisle and back, in the day, last season ( won their lottery as well) and to quite a few this, including Blackburn's last away.
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