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Danny Dyer's new movie only makes £602 at the box office

British actor Danny Dyer may not be everyone's cup of tea but we couldn't help but feel sorry for him when the news emerged that his latest movie Run For Your Wife, only managed to bring in £602 over its opening weekend.

The flop is bound to come as a blow to Danny Dyer, not to mention Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding who wanted the movie to be her breakout role.

The adaptation of the West End play was panned by critics and audiences don't seem to be liking it too much either.

The Guardian reported that Its taking of £602 from nine cinemas translates to an average of £67 per cinema, plus preview takings of £320.

The movie, which also stars television personality Denise Van Outen, is set to expand to a further 65 cinemas across the UK this week - maybe the film will start to bring in the bigger bucks?


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