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***Charlton Life Shirt Sponsors - ALL WINNERS PLEASE READ & REPLY***

Dear Lifers,

As some of you may remember, when the weather was milder and a bit brighter, 138 of you kind folk donated some of your dosh to enable us to sponsor 7 shirts.

The shirts we sponsored were: Johnnie Jackson (A), Michael Morrison (A), Chris Solly (H), Rhoys Wiggins (A), Bradley Pritchard (T), Danny Hollands (A) & Ben Hamer (A).

I will do the draw about 1.45pm in the Liberal club on Saturday 6th April if you want to come and watch.

Please can you let me know (before Thursday 4th at 8pm) if you are unable to attend the dinner at The Valley on Thursday 2nd May so that if your name comes out we can pop it back in for one of the alternative prizes. I will list the prizes on the next post, am still waiting for some news with regards to extra prizes too so there should be more opportunities to win.

Please keep chit chat on this thread to a minimum so I don't have to sift through to find responses.

*****You don't have to reply if you can attend.*****

Any questions then you can send me a message via my the inbox. Thanks.

Those on the list are:




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