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Fan on pitch at Millwall game

Breaking news on sky sports is that a fan has been charged for running on the pitch during millwall derby game.
Has been bailed to appeart at bromley magistrates.


  • minus his cardie
  • Impressed someone has been caught, provided they have the right person of course, innocent until proven guilty and all that.
  • No one looked to be in a hurry to catch him. The club should be fined.
  • I tend to agree that Derby having to sub a player in those circumstances is shameful. There will be a lot of Millwall fans who will say they didn't have to, but from the telly it looked like the best worst option for Derby.
    I reckon closing the ground for a few games will encourage self policing.
  • It's a deliberate plan to get a few games played behind closed doors, since they can't win in front of paying spectators at the moment
  • Will anything be done about it?

    Was anything ever done about the trouble during the FA Cup semi final?
  • Evidently Smith, the Derby full back who was on loan at Millwall last season, was pelted with all kinds of stuff and Clough took him off 'for his own (Smith's) safety'
  • Millwall fans don't do things like that. The media make it up. It was a Derby fan in a Millwall shirt trying to make Millwall look bad.
  • Bit rich of Sky Sports to be doing that considering they planted the guy themselves in order to make an example of Millwall. Fuckin journos.
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  • edited September 2013
    No one at Wall knows who this geezer is. He is either undercover Old Bill, an undercover journo or an undercover Ammer (oh no sorry that's Lomas).
  • can't be prawper wall. Millwall run from no man!
  • Clough made the wrong call, he should have taken all his players off because he feared for their safety and therefore forced the league's/FA's hand
  • Paper said spanner scum pushed clough.
  • Clough made the wrong call, he should have taken all his players off because he feared for their safety and therefore forced the league's/FA's hand

    Not when he was on his way to an easy 3 points!
  • Paper said spanner scum pushed clough.

    Not the SLP (Spanners Loyal Press) though I bet.
  • This is totally shocking. That flag left home this morning with his Mum and Dad thinking he was just going to a normal football match and would be home for his tea. Just imagine what they a going through now?
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  • That millwall lot are a different breed.
  • Fakkin journoos.
  • That flag was taking proper liabilities. Ad it coming
  • Some of the abuse Schlupp is getting on twitter from them is embarrasing.
  • It was the press.
  • The flag murderer left his child on her own in the stand as he conducted the fatal assault. Don't think her indoors is going to be houses of parliament sauce when he gets home tonight.

    "Right here we go ,facts for cusack the fella was in the seat behind me in west lower as he has been for a few games this season , all through the first half he was in my ear ,"I'm gonna take that flag off him and wave it myself in a minute" he said it about five times ,I should at this point point out He was with his four or five year old daughter and had deffo had a beer or two but was not with a group of like minded friends geeing him on , as the second half started he climbed past me and into a row or two in front (leaving his daughter on her own) began shouting Lino Lino non stop after five minutes of this bosh ,he went over the Wall shoved the Lino and snapped the flag as he tried to snatch it ,the Lino ran off and he went to climb back when the stewarding leader tried to tackle him with fuck all success until he called for back up , The fella was saying just need my daughter ,let me get her but they wouldn't let him ,I told his kid to stand up so they could see her and even Bobby Bacic came down from the bench to tell them to give him his daughter ,by now the stewards had got heavy handed with him(it took about five of them) and led him away leaving a five year old girl alone , Another fella from that row remonstrated with a head steward and was allowed to pick the girl up and take her to her dad

    outcome. :- blokes a drunk idiot who should know better ,his girl was terrified and crying ,a broken flag and a back page story again BUT Millwall stewarding has done itself no favours ,this was not a young chav ,a bloke mid thirties I'd guess , who was ready to go with if they'd let him have his crying kid ,
    No excuse for what he did ,he'll have a ban and I'd be shocked if that little girl ever attends another game BUT head stewards leaving five year old kids alone when a crowd of twenty odd were telling them differently should be looked into as well

    ps if it's on tele I'm the good looking bloke in the black coat behind them :-)
  • Yep, the stewards were at fault.
  • The stwards told him to do it
  • She must be so proud of her dad!
  • That forum post is truly beyond belief. Even though the bloke seems clear and unequivocal in his condemnation of the pillock in question, he still can't escape the spanner disease of deflecting a bit of blame (the stewards) and seems to think it's the head steward's fault that the drunken bum's kid was left on her own - and that 20 other Muppets telling him something that could just as easily have been a load of old bollocks apparently is enough to make them stop what they're doing and let the bloke climb back into the crowd.

    It's a generalisation, I know - but even the ones intelligent enough to operate keyboards can't seem to shake that persecution complex they've all got.
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