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In Memory of @CHolland. Greenwich & Bexley Hospice Fundraiser**Includes Killer Jumper**

In memory of Colin, we are raising money for the Greenwich and Bexley hospice, where he spent his last few days, before passing away in January this year after suffering from Cancer. Colin was a well known face at home and away games over the last 35 years, and always had time for everyone. His collection of Charlton memorabilla is vast, and on the request of Colin's family they have asked that these items are auctioned and kept within the Charlton family.

So far we have raised just over £1205, thanks to this site and other items being sold via Ebay. Thank you for looking and happy bidding.

If you haven't seen the auctions before a few notes. They are real auctions so only bid you if can and intend to pay. Highest bidder wins and pays postage or collects. Auction ends at 5.00pm this Thursday. Any bids after 4.59pm are invalid. Please only bid in few £ units.

Lot A: A 42" Large White Jumper from Derek Hales's testimonial year 84/85. On the back is a photo of Derek celebrating a goal and the word "Killer" written through it. The jumper is in excellent condition bar a small stain on the front which i'm sure will come out with some Vanish. A rare item. Opening bid: £30

Lot B: A black and white photo (20cm by 12cm) of Keith Peacock and Mike Flanagan with the lucky cat during pre season in 1977. This item has been kindly signed by both players and thanks goes to them both and also Tom Morris for giving permission for this to be sold. Opening bid: £15

Lot C: 3 x 10" by 8" black and white photos from our famous win at Old Trafford (August 1986). 2 photos of Goalscorer Mark Stuart in action plus 1 of George Shipley. Opening bid £10

Lot D: Eddie Firmani autobiography :Football with the millionaires. This is a Sportsmans book club edition from 1960, and is in excellent condition bar a couple of small blemishes on the top of the front cover. Opening bid:£10imageimageimageimageimage


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