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STATBANK - Charlton 0-0 Wigan plus the DEMOTER NOTER

many thanks to the 50 Lifers who gave marks. I did consider not including Kermorgant's marks as he was injured after 5 minutes and consequently received quite a low mark, however the rules of the Statbank have always been that a player who is on the pitch for at least 30 minute gets a mark and therefore Yann's mark stays.

Stats here:



  • Again, brilliant effort for the stats! But the demotor noter is a really scary addition!!!
  • shouldn't the demotor noter be comparing with 21st place (ie safety) rather than 22nd place ?? The way I read it, we are 5 points adrift of the final relegation place, but I'd really want to know how many points we are off safety.

    or have I got it wrong ??? (which wouldn't be a first) lol
  • If I am reading the new demotor correctly it is quite likely to show a negative figure. Just needs one team in any of the previous 9 years to have had a good first half and then collapse. In fact we could be one game from the end be clear of relegation and still show a minus as the number of points to stay up this year is unlikely to be a record. Or am I totally misunderstanding it.Personally much preferred the way it was shown last year.
  • yes Redman you are quite correct, I just thought it would be interesting to show it in a different way as the whole Statbank presentation was becoming stale and less people were looking at it - so it's different this year and so far it is usually getting more views.
  • overall it's great LL, personally just don't like that stat
  • trust the Wendies to mess it up, I'll ponder on this and when we move up the table I'll try and something more relevant
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