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Has anyone been to the Dominican Republic?

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I'm off to the Dominican in 2 weeks time. Staying in Puerto Plata at the Gran Ventana. It's my first time in the Carribean, anyone ever been? Any tips or things to do or not to do?


  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Hillsy's Up[/cite]I'm off to the Dominican in 2 weeks time. Staying in Puerto Plata at the Gran Ventana. It's my first time in the Carribean, anyone ever been? Any tips or things to do or not to do?[/quote]

    Don't let Hillsy near the all day buffet
  • you taking the kids ?
  • Yep, had to get special permission to take them out of school
  • yeah went 12 year ago on my honeymoon.

    was lovely then can only assume the facilities have got a lot better.

    but it was as hot as gandhi's flip flop (is this allowed or is it zheng zhi racist) though some days hit 38/39 admittedly we went in August.

    if you like snorkelling this place is the daddy for it really is.

    Watch out for the hair braiders they could braid oakster i tell ya... they will at least try and charge ya for the effort.
  • Thanks Ledge. Looks like you are the only one of 400+ who have been. In 2 weeks there will be just the 2 of us!!
  • been there twice, Great place for relaxing etc and your hotel will probably lay on entertainment but not much for kids to do outside of the hotel. we didn't feel the need to go out much anyway as the hotels have everything on site. Lots of kids wanting to clean your shoes and begging etc which is not as bad as it sounds but take a box of pencils or something because they are happier to have a little gift than money. (The locals don't like you to give the kids sweets though as they have no dentists!!!) Have a good time.
  • Not sure black polish will look good on my flip flops!! Cheers Al.
  • Yeah i went Dom Rep last year. I stayed in Puerto Plata in a place called the Occidental for 2 weeks! The beaches are quality and the sea is soo clean. I got burnt endlessly out there so be prepared. I guess your staying at an all inclusive. Kinda agree with Al to stay in the hotel because the nearby towns are a bit of a wasteland but you can get on some good day trips if ya look around. For example, we went to this amazing beach called Paradise Island which has got amazing white sand and the best snorkeling i've ever imagined. Your like swimming through schools of fish the whole time. Absolutlely amazing. We also went white rive rafting which was also great if ya wanna take ya kids there (depends on how old they are). The weather is quality but we kinda went when there was a passing hurricane :p so it was constantly raining and windy for two day non stop but i just played water polo in the swimming pool for that time. Other than that there is mostly sun but you do get the occasional shower in the afternoon. The best weather is in the morning. May be different for you but thats what everyone at our hotel said. Oh yeah and def watch out on the beaches because you got traders bugging you every 10 mins so just say no thanks. Some of them are quite funny though.

    You'll def have an amazing holiday and i'd love to go back there again.
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    Thanks Haders. The kids are 10 & 6 and can both swim quite well, so I'll look into that. I had some injections 2 weeks ago, did you also take Malaria tablets?
  • I didn't need any injections for it for some reason. Depends on what your local clinic says. Some people took malaria tablets as well but we didn't take them and we were completly fine.
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