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NBA 2013/2014

Anyone watching/interested?
What team do you follow?
I keep my eye on the Pacers.
I find it a great betting medium - win or lose, with major shifts in play which can be rewarding.


  • Follow the 'Wolves, no particular reason though
  • Big Clippers fan since the 07/08 season - it's save to say things have changed, I still pinch myself now and then, when I realise we are contending for the title, even though it will be very tough. I still remember how people would laugh and ask "why?!", when telling them I support the Clippers.

    I believe the Pacers can very much win the title this year, and beat the Heat, I'm rooting for Indiana in the East.

    I got a very soft spot for San Antonio Spurs as well, since it's the only team I've seen in real life. I really admire their way of managing af sportsclub, and I was so thrilled that I was able to see Tim Duncan play with Parker and Ginobili - funny thing is, they played against the Hornets and Chris Paul back then, which is now the Clippers best player :)
  • Tough match tonight against the Thunder. I've got a few quid on Durrant & co.
  • The Warriors for me
  • Utah Jazz for me. Loved Stockton back in the day probably because he looked like should be in an office and not in z sports. arena. Karl Malone Was immense too.
  • I picked Lakers and they are at the lowest they've been for a while,
    Fancy the Warriors this year though
  • Celtics for me, no real reason behind it. Though I'm seeing the Nets take on the Pacers at Christmas!
  • Started following the Rockets after they drafted my when randomly bought NBA a few years ago and its grown from there. Really wish i could watch more Basketball.

    With Dwight Howard playing more like his older self rather than last season at the Lakers, we are real contenders to go far this year.

    Also James Harden has an awesome beard
  • couldn't believe the london nba game 2014 sold out so quick, wanted to go.

    Lakers boy myself, went to a game when I was younger.
  • BT Sport just signed a deal to show NBA, first game on Sunday
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  • Been lucky enough due to some kind lecture times to watch majority of NBA this season. Loving it so far, huge fan of the gsw (warriors/dubs). Managed to see all warriors games this season, although sometimes have to set an alarm as west coast is sooo late, wish I had an eastern conference team.

    Eastern conference looks done already apart from Pacers/Heat who'll battle out for top spot. Shame DRose is out for the season again, what a waste of talent (not his fault) but always going to be risky with the kind of game he plays.

    Western conference a little tighter, hard to predict where the teams will finish, but top 2 likely to be Spurs/OKC. Not convinced by either the clippers or rockets to challenge them and I never know with the warriors, injuries permitting I think we can challenge, but with iggy out now after having to sit a combination of JON, Curry, Douglas, Bogut we've had a pretty rocky start. HATE Memphis as warriors match up terribly against them and Twolves just rely too much on too few players, bench production is terrible.

    Been enjoying watching blazers so far, they seem like a surprise package, remind me of the warriors last season. Think they'll seed 6th-ish.

    Might have to make 76ers my eastern conference team if that dailymail story is anything to go by. MCW has looked ridiculous this season and they're getting the best out of what they have, great story on opening night beating the heat.
  • Boston Celtics for me.

    Mike - The NBA London Game always sells out on the first day. Best thing to do is sign up to the O2 Alert. You will get 24 hours notice before they go on general sale.

    The BBL has picked up this year. The London Lions are going well, 8 wins and 2 defeats so far and joint top. The next home match is on Sunday 8th December 4pm against Birmingham Knights @ the Copper Box, Stratford. Tickets are £12 for adults, £6 for kids, available on ticket master. Great venue, close to the action in every seat.
    If you are a basketball fan, you'll love it.

    JAddick - Watch out for the Brit - Joel Freeland - in the Portland Trail Blazers squad.

  • Pacers still only lost 1 this season. Nice win at the clippers tonight 105-100.
  • Finally it's back on tv........spent a fortune on the Internet watching it so far!!
  • Heat up the their usual tricks again last night but even that comeback was impressive by their standards. 14 points down with only 9 minutes left and they still won.
  • So whose enjoying this season so far?
    Pacers looking good ;-) George isn't so good so far (a bit disappointing), thought he would have pushed on this year to give LeBron a challenge for MVP. Granger though is a huge plus.
    Of the rest must admit to enjoying the Golden State Warriors though can't see them and their 3 point offence going all the way.
  • LA Clippers - decent side this year. Been twice this year to see them
  • Defoe and Bradley at the raptors match tonight.
  • Im a Rockets fan and my best mate is a Wizards fan (from the late Michael Jordan era) and we nearly blew a 25pt lead to them!

    Also in last nights Rockets/Celtics game they just kept chucking it near the hoop and DH12 was alley-ooping everything. Love having him in at Centre instead of Asik.

    Think it could be Pacers this year, or at least run LeBron & co. close. We might get as far as the Conference Finals, but that the best we can hope for this season.
  • I follow the Nets. Got a lot of old talent with a lot of experience.
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  • The Toronto Raptors are finally playing like a team and having recently narrowly lost only to the Heat & Pacers, a good bet may be for them to win the division - although it is the weakest in the league, this would be a big step forward. Next, we need Toronto FC to make the playoffs (which their President has guaranteed for this season) - and then the Leafs to.....ahh - forget it - that ain't gonna (That's why I am a Habs fan....;o) )
  • Starting to hot up.
    As pleasing as the Pacers have been this season, a tad worried about their offence. George needs to improve if they are going to be champions this season.
    Miami aren't playing great this year so see OKC as the biggest threat. Durrant is the best player in the league.
  • Watched OKC earlier, Durant was unplayable. The guy is in unreal form at the moment. He made Carmelo Anthony look like a high school player
  • ffs Pacers blew a 17 point lead. Shocking 4th quarter.
  • edited February 2014
    Im just keeping my head in the sand what with being a Laker.
    Serious problems for the team.
  • Well the playoffs are here.
    My Pacers had a poor end to the season but have top seed in the east. Will they be able to pull through against the Heat and dark-horse Brooklyn who have the best run in form in the east.
    The west has some cracking pretenders in OKC, Clippers, Trailblazers and Warriors. But can any of them stop the machine that is the Spurs.
    Brooklyn have downed Toronto in the first game. Clippers Warriors on soon.

    Go Pacers
  • Never been a big basketball fan i'm afraid. Too much of a case of one team scores and the other team scores for my liking. I'll stick with NFL and particularly Baseball for my American fix.
  • Miami v OKC in the finals. It's Kevin Durant's championship this year.

    While I'm here, it's Play-off time in the British Basketball League. London Lions (6th) v Sheffield Sharks (3rd), Quarter-Finals First leg, is on Friday at the Copper Box, Olympic Park, Stratford, tip-off 7-30pm. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster. If you enjoy the NBA, you'll enjoy supporting London's only team.
  • Well down to the final 4 and my beloved Pacers have just won game 1 against the Heat, it's been a roller coaster end of season and playoffs so far this season, but they appear to be coming good since 5 points down and facing elimination against the Hawks in game 6 in Atlanta with a few minutes to go.
  • Next seasons NBA game at the O2 is New York Knicks v Milwaukee Bucks on 15 Jan 2015. To have a chance of a ticket, register with the O2 for a pre-sale alert. The Knicks have the legendary Phil Jackson joining as GM for next season, he will attract some big names to New York. Bucks have the no.2 draft pick to start their re-build, probably the highly rated Jabari Parker.

    Also, GB have two Euro Championship qualifiers at the Copper Box in August v Bosnia (13 th) & Iceland (20th). Luol Deng has said he will play. Go to GB Basketball for tickets.

    Big win for the Spurs last night to go up 3-2 on OKC. Home court advantage is playing out in the western conference final.

    Heat can close it out at home in game six against the Pacers in the east.
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