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The fans that go to Wigan deserve...

edited January 2014 in General Charlton
(A) A blow job off Kelly Brook
(B) A private jet to New York and back for a week's holiday
(C) DESERVE nothing. Charlton is not a chore to follow away, I'm Charlton through thick and thin and my loyalty is priceless nor would it deserve reward. Bit offended.
(D) If the game is lost with a depressingly bad performance, then the opportunity to take a swinging right hook at RD while he is tied up. Maybe also Jimenez, the twat.
(E) just for the players to give it 110%
(F) I'm so miserable and wasted loads of money following Charlton all my life. The only thing that would even be close to making me feel better is option (A)
(G) Discount paintball vouchers.
(H) other..


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