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Johnnie Jackson

Be interesting to see how the big man uses him this season. I presume he will be skipper still, as he's respected by the existing players and is a friendly likeable jokey blok so will be good for the youngsters and the incoming foreign lads.

Last season he came in for a bit of stick in terms of keeping up with play or being knackered after 60 mins, but he was playing more of a position where he was considered a general midfielder, with Poyet in the holding role.

He can tackle, good in the air, good range of passing, and has positional sense that comes with years of experience, so i wonder if BP will look at him for that deep lying midfielder role that Poyet did so well in last season.

This should allow Buyes and Cousins, who you would consider to be fitter than JJ, to mix it up, go box to box and be the engines of the side.

He's good at set-pieces, both taking and being in the box, and comes up with important goals, so id like to see him get as many minutes in the side as possible.


  • His goal against ADCP was just a trademark typical Johnnie Jackson class finish... Hopefully with a bit of good delivery from Gudmundsson / Moussa and Harriott we'll see it a few more times this season
  • Don't wanna see him playing too deep as, IMO, his lack of pace is frustrating him into rash challenges.
  • I think naturally as he gets older, he will sit back more as his pace (not that he has ever really had any) starts to go away even more. Not that its a bad thing - he was doing that v Watford last year and looked really good. I liken it to how Gerrard's position for Liverpool changed last season.
  • He still created and score crucial goals for us last season and is it stands we still don't have a leader like him in the midfield or someone who will pop up with those goals. I think Cousins and Moussa could be his long-term replacements.
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    Don't wanna see him playing too deep as, IMO, his lack of pace is frustrating him into rash challenges.

    Thats why i mentioned his positional sense. If he's in the deep role then technically he should have that zone where he marshall's defensively. If BP likes to play counter attack football then you have the front 3 + Buyes and Cousins going forward and JJ sits. He shouldn't have to rely too heavily on pace.
  • I think he will he phased out this season.
  • If you look at the midfielders we have in the middle at the moment (Buyens, Cousins, Moussa), I don't think its a guarantee that he will start as much as he has done in the past couple of seasons.

    Then again there have been times in the past when I thought that was going to happen to Jackson, and he'll pop up with an important goal to prove his worth yet again.
  • I think he will he phased out this season.

    He'll probably end the season in the "Andy Hughes" role. Up and down the sidelines doing a warm up but actually geeing the fans and players up

  • He said on twitter I reply to fan that as far as he knew was still skipper and BP hadn't told him otherwise
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  • He still pops up with vital goals, you cannot deny that. I was one of his biggest critics last season. My reasons were that the lack of pace was painful to watch, and in all honesty, having him in the starting XI made more work for Poyet and Cousins having to cover whilst he was out of position. Add to that he wasn't actually scoring in the first half of the season, meant I felt he was not actually doing what he was supposed to do. I don't mind him being in the team if he had the impact he did in League One and our first season back in the Championship. In all honesty, he knew, and we saw he wasn't giving us that, that is why I didn't want him in the team. However, that said he have it his all in the run in and really rallied the team under Riga in difficult circumstances. Plus his goal against Watford really demonstrated his commitment as he threw himself into the area. So there are good reasons for him to play a part, provided he does actually score and delivers on set pieces etc. I don't think he's the type to sit deep, he wants to be in the Lampard type role. Which is fine, but as I said, if he puts himself there, he better deliver. I have actually got a lot of respect for him, but I will also be on here venting if he's not performing.

    In addition, part of the issue I have with him is that quite rightly, he is a fan favourite, but I think that sometimes skews people's opinion of him, and they are blinkered to when he has a bad game. Finally, is him being Captain a wise choice? By that I mean the captain is usually first name down on the team sheet, should he have this rite of passage????

    Club captain yes, team captain shouldn't be guaranteed
  • Who was scoring in first half of season.

    Hes never had pace so whys it an issue .

    1st name on sheet he's the guvnor. Players respect him too
  • I wouldn't write Jacko off, I think he's still got plenty to offer.
  • will play in the poyet role. Left footed pirlo.
  • I agree with VG, important player, would suit a deeper role. He doesn't have a lot of pace but he has many other qualities. He plays every game for me until someone comes along outperforms him and his influence on the team starts to fade, he starts the season.
  • I'd rather play him further up with Buyens and Cousins behind him, has no pace but can just meander around the edge of the box playing the last ball and having a shot or three
  • Plenty to offer still but adopting a deeper role will negate one of the huge benefits Jacko offers and that is getting into the box and scoring a goal. Important season for JJ. He could be caught between a rock and a hard place.
  • Plenty to offer still but adopting a deeper role will negate one of the huge benefits Jacko offers and that is getting into the box and scoring a goal. Important season for JJ. He could be caught between a rock and a hard place.

    This is what had me thinking on the train and why i posted the thread SHG, do you play JJ to his strengths that may expose his weakness, do you get him to adapt his role, or do you not play him at all?

  • Does anyone have a breakdown of his goals over the past 2-3 seasons? Split by set pieces and open play?
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  • I suppose a lot depends on whether other players step up. If 3/4 of the strikers and other midfielders regularly score and create goals there might not be room for Jackson.

    It looks like Peeters is going with 4-4-2 so I'm expecting either Jackson or Cousins to be on the bench. Can't write off Jackson but Cousins does add pace and energy in the midfield which can make a real difference.
  • JJ has been a significant goal threat since he joined us, though curiously he never scored much for his previous clubs. He's also been out main set piece taker.

    I don't know that the new signings offer in this regard, but he definitely offers something in an attacking sense that Cousins doesn't
  • Wouldn't play him in the Poyet role, as the game goes on and his legs go a shade, unlike Poyets, his body may not be able to match the tackle he wants to make, or the pass he wants to make and it's risky right infront of your defence.

    Would sit him in amongst a blocked out midfield that all cover ground, let him command them, start him as much as he can be started, if he can't then get him to help BP out on the touchlines . He knows the English game better than BP himself. He won't be much of a threat as a sub bar to kill a game, and a few set pieces IMO.
  • JJ's influence seriously cannot be underestimated. IMO similar to Lampard at Chelsea or Nolan at Wet Spam. Pure determination and desire mixed in with a brilliant knack for being in the right place at the right time.
  • Jackson will have a role to play I am sure - last season we ended up relying on him far too much, and while his heart was willing his body was not and I am sure he will be as frustrated as any of us that the swashbuckling goal-scoring JJ of yesteryear is no longer such a force on the field. That said with Buyens and Cousins providing the muscle and defensive aspects he won't need to be tracking back and can get into the box without leaving the team vulnerable - we don't need the Jacko-Of-All-Trades any more, just the canny midfielder poacher to pop up with a goal or two and provide some good dead ball delivery.
  • Jacko has never relied on his pace so that isn't an issue.
    I wonder that his age will maybe cause him more injuries but as our captain, I would go as far as saying he is the best we've had in the last 20 years.

    A proper London boy who know's what the score is at Charlton and he genuinely gives a sh** about our club.

  • I don't get this big debate round JJ. He is only 32 and never had pace, is a decent footballer with a knack of scoring important goals and is a terrific skipper who is proud to play and captain Charlton Athletic. I am not saying he is in the same class as Gerrard or Lampard but he is equally important to us as there were last season for their respective clubs and they both went to the World Cup (sort of!!!)
    I'm not sure other players are judged as critically as JJ is I suppose that's all about expectation.
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