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Club shop put a hyphen in BEN HAIM on my top

edited September 2014 in General Charlton
I popped in before Saturdays game and left my shirt with the printer fella in the store, I felt it was odd as I had to confirm Ben Haim wears number 26 (you should know mate!) while I went out to grab a burger and a program, on my return he gave me a bag with my top inside - when I got home to have a look he put BEN - HAIM

I knew instantly they'd mucked it up. I called the store and thankfully some to the manager and she contacted the kit man (I could have saved her the ago) and he confirmed it is BEN HAIM not BEN - HAIM

She apologized greatly and offered me a new shirt with championship badges on the sleeves as a peace offering.

I shall await delivery. Frustrating but sorted quickly by a lovely lady named Julie.


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Roland Out!