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Hi everyone, I think we've had a big enough gap now so if everyone is up for it we can start the new season.

I've decided to completely scrap the midweek games unless towards the end of the year everyone wants to play a few extras. I think rather than doing a set schedule and expecting you all to follow I'll set it in stone as the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, so we'll have 2 games per month. The knockouts can be on the first Sunday and the regular format on the 3rd. I will do vary the stakes to keep it fair we'll have a high regular Middle of the year and a high knockout at the end (22 and 27$) the rest will be between 2.20 and 13.50 throughout the year. The bigger stakes will have a 3000 chip start and the piddly ones 2000. All KO's will have 9 per table and all regs 6 per table. We start on 5th April with a $13.50 knockout I will set that up asap. Then the 19th will be the next and so on.

Trophies this year, we will keep the same awards champion, runner up and most KO's outside top 2. Will ask again for everyone playing this year to make a small donation minimum of $1 towards these trophies via a transfer to my PS account valleygal81 please can everyone do this I don't like chasing people.

I always ask people to take a picture of themselves with their trophies I have to do the same (embarrassing selfies) so here it is lol. Others feel free to add your own.


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