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Johann Berg Gudmundsson & Yoni Buyens @ Eltham Addicks on Tuesday 28th April



  • Can't be there due to previous appointment at the museum which is a shame. Sure it will be a good night.

    Hope as many people as possible get along to one or the other
  • ilovelucy said:

    I just hope those who attend make Johann and Yoni feel valued and wanted.

    Sadly, I can't make it ......


  • Kap10 said:

    If Rotherham win will there be police outside at 11.00 with breathalysers and a meat wagon!

    No - I'd expect them to join the drinking!
  • Perhaps someone could ask Yoni if there is any truth in rumour on Twitter this morning that he is off to Sint Truiden? Not that he would answer that, of course ;-)

    Have a good evening all.
  • Perhaps someone could ask Yoni if there is any truth in rumour on Twitter this morning that he is off to Sint Truiden? Not that he would answer that, of course ;-)

    Have a good evening all.

    Can't imagine he would want to, he may not be my favourite player but he is better than that
  • Who's going tonight then?
  • I'm going.
  • Why is there no report?

    Why is this being kept a secret?

    : - )
  • Ask them if they're willing to stay now Millwall have been relegated?
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  • Why is there no report?

    Why is this being kept a secret?

    : - )

    They will have to re-name the branch "The East Kidbrooke Addicks" :smile:
  • Why is there no report?

    Why is this being kept a secret?

    : - )

    What's said in Eltham, stays in Eltham.

    Excellent evening, well organised by @Badger and Alex and compered by Steve Dixon. Both players were good value. Will post probably tomorrow, you lot will be too drunk now to read it anyway, after celebrating Millwall.
  • edited April 2015

    Why is there no report?

    Why is this being kept a secret?

    : - )

    It's all about the corner ;-)
  • Kap10 said:

    Ok managed to put some notes down whilst fresh in my head, I am sure there is more and others will add and correct inaccuracies.

    An evening with Yoni and Johan

    In order of remembrance.

    Johan supports Man Utd as did his father and Grandfather. The premier League is big in Iceland. His favourite plays are Beckham and Ronaldo. He has played for Iceland against Ronaldo.

    Yoni does not support a big team, he supported his local team and went on to play for them, he later had a fight with the owner and now hates them. He left them and went to their local rivals.

    Yoni has not had talks with Charlton or Liege about his future. The owner may sell him or give him a new contract, he has a year left on his current contract. He enjoys playing in the Championship and wishes he could put the Championship into Belgium. The Championship is a better league than the Belgium League although Bruge and Anderlecht are strong the Championship has more depth. His friends and family are in Belgium. He has a club apartment in Greenwich where he stays with his girlfriend and their 15 month baby. He is getting married in the summer. He did not say it but I got the impression that he would not be with us in August.

    Johan talked positively about the club and would like to play with us in the Premiership. He has postponed contract talks till the end of the season, he is ambitious to play in the Prem. He said that Charlton could challenge for promotion but that they would need to invest and he wanted to see what the owners intentions were before signing a new contract. The audience tried to persuade him that his best interests were with Charlton and he agreed that it was possible to get promotion with Charlton, he had to see what the owners intentions were.

    Johan was very complimentary about Gomez and said he will definitely play for England, Cousins could too, whilst KAG was a skilful player but the club would need to work with him to develop him fully. In talking about players for next season, the possibility of Gomez moving was talked about. Yoni said if he was honest if he were Gomez and a Prem team came in for him he would join but that he would look to stay with Charlton on loan for 1-2 seasons.

    Yoni said it would be very hard for a player to turn down a move to the Prem when you could increase your wages 5 times.

    They both said that they liked Bob Peeters. Talked about the Watford game as a shambles, Luzons first game in charge, he had tried to change things but it had not worked.

    Johan said his best goal of the season was against Cardiff.

    Neither of them knew who Steve Gritt was.

    Talked about Tony Watt’s holding up of the ball at the end of the Nottingham Forest game and Yoni said that if he had been a Forest defender he would have tried to break Watt’s leg. He said the video of that was shown around the world, the Forest defenders should have been embarrassed, even if they had got all 11 players to kick him they should have.

    They thought that our pitch was the best in the league, were less complimentary about the training ground and we're pleased that the new development was taking place.

    Want to beat Bournemouth, players in our dressing room who dislike Bournemouth, no names but did not dispute Wiggins.

    Players mix well in our dressing room, English is the first language. No cliques but if there is groupings then the French spreaders gravitate to each other.

    Igor still has Achilles problem, will be a great player next season. Johnson has been captain at previous clubs, marshals the back four, his reduced performances could be that he had not played for a year and this was catching up with him.

    Should have strengthened earlier, dip in form was down to small squad and loss in confidence, Johan pointed out small margins and how Cardiff Millwall and Rotherham we a lost took all three points instead we drew.

    In the summer we could see a number of players leave
    , owner needs to replace with like or better quality and we need a target man.

    We don't score corners because we have lack of height, out corners were criticised from the audience for always going back post

    Did JBG or yoni say this or is it the perception of who attended ? Would be strange for the players to know who's in/out
  • Players related it to number of contracts expiring and loaners going back to parent clubs
  • thanks Kap
  • Thank you @Kap10.
  • .

    Yoni sounds a bit of a nut nut

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  • Great write up @Kap10, thanks.
  • Great report. Thanks. I don't interpret it very positively but that just may be my take on it. Sounds like a lot of changes coming up and possibly both lads moving on.
  • Obviously it's my interpretation of their comments, I think there is a good chance that neither will be with us come August. JBG clearly wants Prem football so if Hull, Stoke or even Bournemouth came for him I think he would go. Both of them felt we could be a top six club next season, but I don't think they thought we could be top two - my interpretation.

    I don't think they have a clue about player changes such as who will be offered new contracts and who won't, so "lots of changes" may or may not happen, I think it's their speculation based on a phrase (or similar) used a few times "That's what happens in football".
  • Thanks Kap, really good write up. Sadly player wise that was what a was expecting, but you never know.
  • Sounds like a good night. Hope there was a good turn out.
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    So Watford WAS Luzon's first game in charge, glad to have that cleared up finally ;)

    EDIT: Seriously though, thanks for the write up Kap
  • Least both were honest, cant see Yoni coming back as he obviously seems home sick, which is a shame as he is a top player on his day.

    Again fair play to JBG, hopefully he was being honest in saying he wants to see if we strengthen or not rather then jumping ship as soon as a prem team comes in for him. Over to Roland now to improve us now and see if his true to his word.
  • Good write up Kap10. Cheers

    So we need to find decent replacements for JBG and Yoni, bollox, thats going to be tough.
  • Refreshing to hear that the players were honest but, disappointingly, they seem to have confirmed what most of us must have been thinking.

    It's going to be an interesting close season.
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