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Charlton Goal Of The Season.

Did we ever have a vote or decision on the Charlton goal of the season, if not what was your favourite?


  • gudmundsson versus cardiff quite obviously, although tucudean versus bolton was technically incredible
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    How can we let this fella go?

  • I know it's not technically the best but Tony Watt's second against Huddersfield is my favourite.
  • Of the top 10 nominations, at least half should be JBG goals
  • Still love the Diarra flick goal at the scum. Superb finish and so near yet...
  • As soon as I saw Cousins's goal vs Wigan, I had my pick. Did love JBG's Cardiff and Boro strikes however
  • JBG versus Cardiff by a long, long way. The tackle in the build up to it made it that bit more impressive. It was also in the last minute which made my Boxing Day...
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    JBG v Cardiff - because I was there...
  • Tucadean scored a fantastic goal in front of the covered end, forgot which game.
  • seth plum said:

    Tucadean scored a fantastic goal in front of the covered end, forgot which game.

    Bolton in front of Roland's only game at the Valley.

  • JBG v Cardiff - because I was there...

    Welcome to CL, Max Boyce.

    Johann confirmed this to my question at Eltham Addicks that this was his own favourite goal, because he won the tackle himself, the goal meant we didn't lose the game, and the shot smashed into the top corner down the covered end with just minutes to go. (if only Igor hadn't fluffed his lines with the last kick of the game)

  • JBG v Cardiff - because I was there...

    Welcome to CL, Max Boyce.

    Glad someone got it (though it wasn't very funny in the first place...) :smiley:
  • Gud vs Cardiff
  • At least one of my pre-season predictions was correct, it has been a long time since we've had a collection that good.

    Gud v Cardiff is a standout, however the Cousins goal v Derby does not cover the great teamwork in the build up play which is something I look for as well as individual brilliance.
    Great video.
  • seth plum said:

    Great video.

    The video of he last one Watt v Leeds is hopeless. Can't see the goal in either clip. Also the second Cousins one is only shown from a poor behind the goal-line angle.

    Good goals but the video itself is pants.

  • I agree BK - why are some of the goals only shown from ground level? They are all filmed from the normal gantry too, so why not show that view if you are only going to show one?

    Realised how fortunate I was this season - having been there for three of the ten goals, including the Gud v Cardiff one (not always that lucky though - I was at the Blackburn cup game...).

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    Also a little bit odd that they are all in chronological order aside from Goal C which should in fact been Goal F IIRC.

    Some great strikes this season but my vote goes to Gudmundsson vs Cardiff. Was great to be in the stands for that one, a real season highlight.

    Also would've liked to have seen Tucudean vs Derby and Gudmundsson vs Rotherham included.
  • Best selection for years - perhaps we should be scoring more tap ins!
  • Agree with George vs Derby. Perhaps Vetokele vs Wigan too - magnificent header
  • Gud v Cardiff for me
  • I voted for Gudmundsson v Cardiff and it looks like an awful lot of other people have too.
  • he scored this goal and then attempted it about another 40 times in the season.
  • Voted for JBG against Cardiff too.
  • JBG wins...

  • Not even close really. JBG should have his own goal of the season competition separate from the rest.
    So looking at this list above, Ahmed Kashi's wonder strike has been called the best goal of the season so far in what seems world football by the looks of this list. A strike better than James of Real Madrid?? Goal of the season for us no doubt, and maybe the football league as well.
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