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Best Save made by a Goalkeeper either for Charlton or against us

Have noticed that we've got a few threads about the best and worst goals involving Charlton but what about saves from the Goalkeepers, how about they get given a bit of credit.

One of my reasons (and my nomination) for opening this thread.

Ben Hamer v Sheffield Wednesday... In the FA Cup last season, Ben was on the way down to make a routine save yet some how adjusted his body to leap up and push the ball away when it took a wicked deflection

Stephen Henderson v Millwall... He saved a penalty against the scum, how could you not put him on the list?


  • Any keeper who still has their hands after stopping the church bullet is worthy of a mention
  • Andy Petterson vs Palace at home (can't remember the year thought). Dived down and saved a point blank header to keep score 1-0 to us. Back in the days when we won local derbies.

    Beat me by 1 minute on that!
  • Kiely at home to Spurs (forget the year) - point blank volley from maybe Les Ferdinand!?!
    Illic away to Birmingham last day in 1998.
    Also agree with Kiely at Birmingham - Monday night match if i'm not mistaken.
  • Pedro45 said:

    Dean Kiely - away at Birmingham from Christophe Dugarry header (c2003?)
    Nicky Johns - 1982 at Hillsborough; several fantastic saves in a 1-1 draw.

    Good mention in regards to Dean Kiely's save... Like Ben Hamer wasnt he completely wrong footed (I'm sure he was moving towards his left before he realised that he'd have to adjust and dive to the right?)
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    I remember a game at home to Port Vale back in the early / mid 90s - David Whyte era I reckon.

    They had a dutch keeper called Arjan Van Heusden who had a blinder to keep the score at 0-0. He then produced an utter worldy / Gordon Banks style save from a Leaburn header arrowing in to the bottom corner.
  • Bloody Jaaskelainen in that cup game
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  • Best save I've ever seen against Charlton was one 2 seasons ago. We were playing Leicester at home and how Kasper Schmeichel managed to get down to his bottom left to save a bullet header from Yann I will never know.
  • Maybe not his best but Deano's penalty save against nelson vivas which win us a new year day game against arsenal made me go mental. Myhre saved one with his foot against ljundberg which blew the roof off
  • Seaman when Euell lobbed him, he back peddled reached back and how he got a hand to touch the ball over the bar I'll never know.
  • Bolder at Manchester United New Years Day 1988
  • illic at Wembley deserves a shout......that Pen save changed our whole club.
  • Illc at Birmingham, one of the best performances I've seen from a keeper anywhere
  • Ben Hamer in the last few minutes against Sheffield Wednesday away in the FA cup.
  • Hamer's penalty save against Leeds was top drawer, that was a big moment in our survival.
  • Ian Walker when he caught a brochere and started reading it!
  • Didn't Deano once pull off a Gordon Banks/Pele type save live on TV ? Blackburn away ?
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  • shirty5 said:

    Bolder at Manchester United New Years Day 1988

    Good shout. Outstanding performance in goal. Miserable day. Bolder v Man Utd. One save from Robson was like the Gordon Banks save from Pele. Bullet header from about 6 yards out. Game finished 0-0 - don't remember us getting out of our half. Remember listening to local manchester radio on the way home in car. One caller refered to Charlton as "a joke outfit"!
  • Andy pettersen, hands down. We turned palace that day and was the highlight of a pretty drab season.

    Brendan O'Connell gets an honourable mention for giving David hopkin a slap too
  • Bob Bolder at Ipswich in the playoffs
    Nicky Johns at the Plymouth Cup tie
    Sasa Ilic at St Andrews

    Deanos save at Birmingham was amazing, he also did one against Liverpool at the Valley, a header from six yards out, it was almost too fast for the eye to follow.

    There used to be a fella called Eric McManus who played for Notts County, who, unless it was him in goal for the 6-1 win, used to always save everything when he came down to The Valley.
  • That Petterson save was truly unbelievable. It's the best save I think I've ever seen - to keep that out from that range was ridiculous.

    Shame he was never really that consistent - he could be a great keeper on his day
  • I remember Randolph making an absolutely unbelievable save at MK Dons away first season in League One. They even played it on their screen as we were walking out the ground so we got to see it again. I was so gutted when he left
  • Sacha made probably the most important save in our history.
  • Stephan Anderson made a world against Chelsea I recall
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    Any keeper who still has their hands after stopping the church bullet is worthy of a mention

    Is that when they have run off the side of the pitch to retrieve the ball.
  • shirty5 said:

    Bolder at Manchester United New Years Day 1988

    is say this one as well.

  • I remember we lost 0-2 at home against Bradford City in 1996, Mark Schwarzer was unbelievable that day.
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