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Anyone expecting a signing tomorrow?

Sounds like the Henry deal is not going to happen, Pennant will be given more time in training so is there anything in the pipeline do we think? Linked with a lad from Norwich apparently.


  • Perhaps Bennet on loan from Norwich, would be pretty pleased with that.

    I wouldnt be suprised if we see a full back from abroad coming in too.
  • not that confident we will get anyone in truth
  • Bennett would be an amazing signing for us, but I think it's unlikely to happen , he might go to Forest, what with Antonio going to West Ham for 7 million.
  • I think we'll sign two players. Three if we get Pennant.
  • I doubt it but sky will get the hype going Jim will have something yellow on to match the ticker bar and have three mobiles getting texts from apparent sky sources or in other words mgrs/players
  • Transfer deadline days for us, since the PL anyway, are dull. Couple of fringe players usually dropping down the leagues on loan and that is it. I think this could be the one to change that!
  • RobRob
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    I think something will happen tomorrow. I think Bikey and Nego being cleared out today is an indicator of that. Of course, could be wrong. :-)
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    Not feeling optimistic but hopefully we get those extra couple of quality players in that could make the difference between top half and top six come the end of the season.
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  • Probably end up with that dildo given our track record on deadline day.
  • Sadly, have become accustomed to nothing happening on deadline day, so have no expectations whatsoever.
  • I am 100 per cent convinced that we will see no In comings before the window slams shut.
  • We can still get players in on loan for a while longer can't we ?
  • Not expecting a signing, expecting a sighing.
  • I'm expecting Lepoint to come back
  • Not expecting a signing, but hopeful as we still need strengthening.
  • I hope that we get another 'unknown' and that he turns out to be as good as the new 'unknowns' who've already signed for us
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  • My hopes rose when we started offloading the likes of Harriot and Bikey. However, we seemed very tentative yesterday. We bid for Paterson at Nottm Forest, and in the afternoon the deal was reported to be dead. Not a very big push if you ask me. We are in for the Norwich lad, but so are a couple of other clubs. I'm dreaming of a couple of star signings to start a promotion push, but it's the Valley, so the dreams may just remain dreams.
  • Paterson heading for Huddersfield in season long loan according to Sky
  • Hoping for but not expecting.
  • Paterson heading for Huddersfield in season long loan according to Sky

    Thought I read in here that Forest wanted £1.25M for him and that is what put us off. That is a mighty large loan fee!
  • Hoping, not expecting. Maybe we'll sign Pennant after the deadline, since he's out of contract.
  • I can feel the Yann love stirring in my loins.
  • I would find it extremely disappointing if we don't sign at least two players given the current small size of our squad which borders on the reckless.

  • If we dont sign RB cover then I'm concerned. Sounds like we'll be covered on the wing with free/loan
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