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Biggest derby in the country?

If we are talking the UK then it is easily Rangers/Celtic, if not the world.

What about England though? Villa v Brum tonight has got to be up there.


  • What ITV used to call the M1 derby in the 90s Watford vs Luton
  • it's all subjective and depends what your criteria are.....Chester v Wrexham is higher on the police hooligan agenda than Man U v Man C
  • Gillingham v Swindon
  • Bristol Rovers v Bristol City is pretty tasty!
  • You lot and Welling??? :wink:
  • Liverpool v Utd surely? Arsenal v Spurs in the south.
  • Many rivalries are quite one sided. Man U fans couldn't care less about Leeds, I doubt most West Ham fans care about Millwall...
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  • Margate/Ramsgate
  • Cardiff v Swansea
  • Newcastle v Sunderland and West Brom v Wolves are pretty lively.
  • Millwall v Gillingham

    The Pikey Derby
  • Dartford vs Gravesend(sorry Ebbsfleet as they sold there name)
  • In no particular order and England only:

    Birmingham v Villa
    Pompey v Saints
    Oxford v Swindon
    Burnley v Blackburn
    Newcastle v Sunderland
    Spurs v Arsenal
    West Ham v Millwall
    Wolves v West Brom
    Luton v Watford
    Ipswich v Norwich
    Grimsby v Lincoln
    Chester v Wrexham
    Derby v Forest
    Cambridge v Peterborough
    Plymouth v Exeter
    Charlton v Palace/Millwall

    The Prem ones are all lame now and If I was offered free tickets i'd steer towards the lower ones.

    You then have games that are not derbys per-se but have still historically been tasty affairs:

    Man U v Leeds
    Liverpool v Man U
    Leeds v Boro
    Palace v Brighton (sniggers)
    Chelsea v Spurs
    Leeds v Chelsea
    Gillingham v Swindon

    PS - I think West Ham do care greatly about Millwall
  • Dont forget Charlton v Sheff Wednesday, thats becoming a bit of a matchup between the fans
  • My Port Vale mates would kill me - forgot them v Stoke which is very tasty!
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  • Wasnt Cardiff v Bristol City known for a lively atmosphere?
  • Then you've Chesterfield v Mansfield and the Nottingham Derby
  • Wasnt Cardiff v Bristol City known for a lively atmosphere?

    It had the Eng v Wales element plus two clubs with notrious hooligan elements. The fact both are a lot less active now and the use of bubble trips means I think it would be a preety lame affair these days.

  • But forgetting who is a bit tasty, and concentrating on that round thing on the meadow, which derby (other than ours) piques everyone's interest the most as a match to look out for? And do you have a team you always would rather win?

    For me it's Spurs v Arsenal - Spurs to win (Dad was from there, and a fan, Arsenal thought they were too good for SE London), Man City v Man Utd (City, as traditionally they were underdogs) and being a Bedfordshire lad, Luton v Watford (Hatters all the way, of course).

    I always want Liverpool to lose, so their game v Everton is the same as any other to me. And as for Celtic v Rangers, I want them both to lose.

    I also like to see Vale beat Stoke, as one set of fans are very decent the others most certainly not, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.
  • As a long-term and dedicated Man U hater I have always had a soft spot for City and continue too do so.

    Other than that I think I generally favour the underdog in most of them.

    Pretty unique as I like to see Wednesday win in Sheffield
  • I'm not that bothered by many of these rivalries, especially those involving smaller clubs. I recall Phil Chapple being booed by Peterborough fans for being a former Cambridge player!
  • Malmo v Helsingborg
  • Are we all forgetting the big one?

    Hamlet v Tooting.

  • EastStand said:

    Are we all forgetting the big one?

    Hamlet v Tooting.


    Tooting fans once claimed to be responsible for throwing sausages at the met police. Bizarre.
  • For me there's only one Derby worth a mention, transcends all other world footballing rivalries, languages, and locations, El Classico... Charlton v Palace.
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