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Thank you + an update



  • Good luck Redmidland with your appointment tomorrow. I have been up and about after my ablation for a month now. I feel great and waiting to go back to work. I was just about to go with a new employer when I had my problem. The delay is that they had their own medical enquiry about me. They have now given me the green light. Once again good luck tomorrow Redmindland.
  • Nice one Meebaum, good to hear you're feeling well.

    And good luck RedM - sure it will be fine!
  • Great to hear
  • Thanks @MeebaumAzanitch and @stonemouse. Appointment went well, and although no procedure today they are giving me another echo gram in the New Year and I will be having a second cardioversion based on the results of the echo-gram. Glad you're on the mend @MeebaumAzanitch and good luck with new job. Cheers RedM
  • Best wishes Red - be thinking of you.
  • Good luck with the thread tonight. Am glad you are ok. I hope my posts reassured you because until I had my ablation I was crapping it. I just wanted help reassure people about how mild the procedure is. Anyway, Happy Christmas RedM.
  • glad to see you both on here
  • Pleased to hear it Red and look forward to the match thread tonight, hopefully with a win.
  • I think CL is more than just a Forum to all of us, Red - I know that and I'm a Johny come lately, only having been on here for a couple of years!

    What happened to you 12 months ago is now rightly condemned to history. Onwards and upwards, my friend.

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  • Great stuff, Red.

    Hoping for 3 points on your "Anniversary"
  • edited December 2015

    Can you believe that 1 year ago today, I was admitted to hospital. It was @TCE that broke the news on here unbeknown to myself. The messages from everyone on here, helped me through some very scary and dark days. Tonight is so much different, instead of lying on a hospital bed, I will be completing the 'match thread' and I feel very privaliged to be able to do so. Its been an interesting 'battle' and although I have had a slight set-back, I am 100% better than 12 months ago where my life, at one stage, was in the balance. Charlton Life is more than a forum to me, and without trying to be or sound too dramatic, you all helped save my life. Thank you yet again, and 3 points tonight please Mr Fraeye as a Christmas Present for everyone.

    Glad you are back tonight Red, because of your improving health and your commentary. I could not do a "GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL" on Saturday, hope you can
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