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Addicks v's Middlesboro Match thread 31/10/15

Afternoon all, so here we are then another new manager comes into The Valley hot seat to try and turn our fortunes around. Well Mr. Fraeye has one hell of a job on his hands this afternoon as we face an in-form Boro side on their home turf!! I always hope we will get at least a point from every game we start, but today I fear for the worst and think we may just get spanked on Halloween.
I'll bring you the teams when I get them, lets hope that we can at least play with pride and passion and not just role over and play dead!! COYR's (in a rather apathetic voice)


  • addicks will be wearing their purple 3rd strip this afternoon
  • Wehey!

    Red particularly big felicitations to you today. We combine again for the match thread and I am aware that since the last away game we did together, you have had to endure Preston and Brentford. I endured it in the flesh but on a match thread it can be especially soul destroying, as it was for me last season away at Watford. I know that you and I will carry on because it is almost a reflex activity to do so.

    I want to big up any Charlton fan at Boro today. Nutters one and all, but in all the negativity regarding people around Charlton Athletic recently, todays brave 200 or so are absolute diamonds in terms of their steadfastness and loyalty. We are miles away, following on the media, but they bear witness to it all, when often all I want to do personally is shut my eyes and block my ears.

    As usual I will report from the Boro commentary, which from memory has usually been pretty decent and on point. I hope Red and I are able to complement each other, that lagging doesn't spoil up to the minute accuracy, and I hope you forgive all my typos, spelling errors and my old man slowness.

    Whatever happens today is kind of historic and seminal, it is not a run of the mill fixture, but close to as big a challenge as can be faced. Boro are a fine club, a fine team, and have a fine manager and support, and we have crossed swords so many times in our history. I would love us to win obviously, but I am fascinated to bear witness to what goes on with us today.
  • addicks will be wearing their purple 3rd strip this afternoon

    Let's hope they play like Man City when they had it, he says in a dream-like state.
    No - back to reality!
  • CHARLTON: Henderson, Solly, Diarra, Bauer, Fox, Ba, Ahearne-Grant, Cousins, Jackson (c), Gudmundsson, Makienok
  • SUBS | Pope, Sarr, Bergdich, McAleny, Moussa, Watt, Ghoochannejhad
  • so 4-4-1-1?
  • A good team. Not much different to what Luzon was playing but good to see Jacko starting.

    Cousins or KAG on the left?

    Could be a central three with KAG left and JBG right of Mak.
  • 4 1 4 1 i think by the looks of it
  • thanks as always red, glad to see jacko back in the starting line up! COYR
  • edited October 2015

    Solly Bauer Diarra Fox

    Cousins Ba Jackson

    JBG --------------- KAG

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  • Good team.

    Any ideas how the midfield a set up ? Cousins left with JJ & Ba centre ?
  • May play JBG on left and KAG right
  • May play JBG on left and KAG right

    Didn't think of that - thought it was a straight 442 but that might make sense. We've been over run in the middle so much recently that packing it with Ba, JJ & Cousins might be a good, back to basics strategy.
  • Hi @SethPlum, thanks as always for your sterling work from the opposition perspective, just a quick warning there is about a 30 second delay from real time on Player the last few weeks.
  • Am I right in saying that we have only played Portsmouth more times then Boro?...thanks for the match thread RED...though not to sure if I'll be sticking around till the end.
  • Ba? Hmmmn.
    My admiration for young veteran Karlan grows.
  • kag and johan will hav to do a lot of running if they are in the midfield, otherwise I can see makienok being isolated up front
  • Lookman also travelled today with the first team, I can see him being used this season at some stage
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  • I see all of the people that like roly are in the seats in the background.
  • I think it's a 4-3-2-1 formation
  • Hi @SethPlum, thanks as always for your sterling work from the opposition perspective, just a quick warning there is about a 30 second delay from real time on Player the last few weeks.

    Got that. I have logged directly in to Boro player so we'll see what happens. I reckon our reportage is still acceptable even if a few seconds behind real life events.

  • Good afternoon all. Not a bad line up.......good to see JJ starting, I think we will need him over the next few months. I really don't know what to expect today but as long as the boys give it their all that is good enough for me. I am fearing the worst though!!
    I'm just watching the Chelsea v Liverpool game good to see the mighty CFC struggling a bit, being outplayed at the moment and that dirty whinging cnut Costa is at his old tricks already!
    Come on you (other) REDS.............
    and COME ON YOU PURPLES.........................
  • Definitely 5 in midfield I think ... be surprised if we've gone to Boro without packing the midfield out with 3 in the centre. He did say he wants to make us hard to beat again which would suggest 5 in midfield...
  • lookman i don't understand why i even have to be here?

    lookman we've brought next to no supporters, you got to make up the numbers
  • Thanks for the thread. My only access to the game as I travel from Lancashire to London.
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