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  • When, Karel, not if.
  • He already has it on a permanent basis I have been informed .
  • Sorry for brevity of posts, quick pit stop in McDonald's after 3 hours solid driving.
  • you're a mensch tbh

    thinking of changing my username to LouisBreak
  • Like a puppet on a string you hold on tight
    You hold on tight like a puppet on a string
    Like a puppet on a string you hold on tight
    You hold on tight, you hold on tight

    Got your education from just hangin' around
    You got your brain from a hole in the ground
    You come up, look around, for a will of your own
    But you're mine yeahhhhh

    Like a puppet on a string [x4]

    With porcelain eyes and the mind of a monkey
    Rode into town on the back of what looked like a dead donkey
    So I do, to you, what a puppet master would do
    Can you tell? Yeahhhh!!!
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  • We'd be mental to offer you one mate
  • se9addick said:

    We'd be mental to offer you one mate

    So he's got it then.

  • Let's hope you are barking then mate
  • C_A_F_C said:

    cfgs said:

    I am half expecting him to say "Colin says I am the best man for this job."

    Only until Marc Wilmots comes in.
    I think he is getting himself confused with Gary Wilmot.
  • Feck off Carole.
  • Ya mugs.

  • Oh ffs we are a joke, one big joke. Joke manager, joke owner and to be honest the players are a joke!

    BBC sport story includes the audio of the interview.
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  • Being more confident on the ball is Fraeyes priority... getting the fkin ball would be mine!
  • Bauer looks like he wants to smack him around the back of the head.

    He's even got a smug grin as if to say how have I managed to get this job!
  • Yep that cheesey grin is a bit sinister , he probably has a scary cackle as him and millwall Roland plot our demise
  • If he says "huh" a lot then I'll know that there really is something scary going on.
  • "I am 37 years old and this is my 19th season as a manger. I’ve been training first division teams, youth teams, U16s, U15s and second teams. I’ve been training first teams for 11 years. But it’s not up to me, I don’t have to defend myself, because I need to focus on the job I have now"

    What utter bollocks. He has absolutely not been a manager for 19 years!
  • He'd be crazy to turn down the chance to manage us. He will probably never get this close to managing at this level again. And I don't see anyone in the championship trying to poach him.
  • He looks like getting the job no matter what the results.
    That may be why he is smiling so much.
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