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Champion @Alex Wright, 6 golds, 2 bronze, 29.81 points and 32 knockouts.
Runner-up @DannyCAFC, 8 silver, 2 bronze, 14.79 points and 10 knockouts.
3rd Place @Nicholas, 2 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze, 14.74 points and 15 knockouts (wins trophy for most knockouts outside top 2)
4th Place @Bedsaddick, 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 11.9 points and 7 knockouts.
5th Place @Cafc95, 2 gold, 1 bronze, 8.48 points and 11 knockouts.
6th Place @sunbury-addick, 2 gold, 1 bronze, 6.51 points and 3 knockouts.
7th Place @sadiejane1981, 2 silver, 4 bronze, 6.5 points and 8 knockouts.
8th Place @johnnybev1987, 1 gold, 4.82 points and 7 knockouts.
9th Place @sheworeafc, 1 gold, 4.69 points and 2 knockouts.
10th Place @tajaddick, 2 bronze, 2.78 points and 2 knockouts
11th Place @rina, 5 Knockouts.
**following based on games played and position finished in game/s.
12th Place @ellisaddick
13th Place @paulie8290
14th Place @stackitsteve
15th Place @Sonicstud85
16th Place @Frontline9

The trophies will be arriving shortly and winners can arrange with me personally.

Thank you everyone for playing, it has been a bit of a strange year and a number of problems with the platform (poker stars) the fact that so many people cant use poker stars because they play on an ipad or tablet has made it impossible to continue in 2016.

We need to find another platform that we can play private tournaments on using a mobile device in order to get numbers back up, my suggestion is that the league is put on hold until 2017 and we spend 2016 trying out different platforms and different days of the week etc, we will then hopefully find a formula that will work so we can pick up a competitive league again next year, with hopefully more players.

I hope you all understand and please feel free to suggest your favourite platforms, we will try and try them all.


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