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Muzza-Merde Caption Competition



  • Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. (Though which one's saying it could be anybody's guess).
  • Look this is the team sheet I gave Riga. Why the hell is he picking Lookman over Reza?
  • Muzza - no, no Katrien. For the last time, the fans throwing a season ticket at you aren't giving a "nice prezzie"!
  • "I believe it will turn."... just like the milk though, it's all gone sour.
  • Stig said:


    And stop using my pictures Stig.....they are for 'personal special time' only.
  • Katrien, take this note, give it to Karel and ask him to pass it to JJ. Then everything will be alright, I promise
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    Muzza - Katrien can I be your next customer? Only thing is I'm short on money.....well at least until we get back to the premier league. Do you mind waiting 25 years?
  • Glad I put my Tena's on.
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  • What do you think of the new programme you puppy dog bitch, in fact who cares what you think your nothing old man.
  • Yes Katrien, the fans do think you look like a squirrel but you dont help rumours by refusing to let go of me nuts!!
  • "Islands in the Stream, that is what we are" etc
  • KM: Do you think I should cash in on this bet I put on Charlton to get relegated?
    RM: Nah you've played it brilliantly dear... Hold off and you'll win the full amount in a few weeks
  • We'll sell The Valley and this time next year we'll be miwwionaires!!
  • I don't care what the supporters say about you Katrien, I still think you'd look quite attractive with my cock in your mouth.
  • ' We are fucked'
  • Murray; Is that a rabbit on my head?
    Katrien; No, just a hair...........................boom tish.

    (Curtesy of Frank Carson circa 1974)
  • Big_Bob said:

    ' Fancy a fuck'

    Fixed it for you!!

  • Muzza: Roly told me that he thought you we're really clever and that you're doing a good job.
    Merde: Well, he told me that you are Charlton's super-fan.
    Both [sniggering]: What a complete and utter cockwomble!
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  • Now listen here I told everyone we need British players,lets get Roger Johnson back he is awesome.
  • I'm thinking of joining CARD next week

  • Katrien rumours are circulating that Boris will make a statement shortly about whether Charlton should stay in Roland's empire or leave
  • Murray "Let me explain to you how relegation works....."
  • Ok Richard , ive made a note , Roly will have the waffles, im going with a foot long sub and a packet of knobbys nuts .
  • my mate Simon from Surrey has suggested a threesome Katrien. He has apologised for the fake tan that might stain the sheets.
  • edited February 2016
    There were 3 in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over, so they all rolled over and Roly fell out.....
  • Richard, can you go through the offside law just one more time please?
  • Addickted said:

    Richard, can you go through the offside law just one more time please?

    If might have been him asking her the question.
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