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The thread about Boxing



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    Di Rocco was ranked number 1 by the WBA!
    Burns was number 7

    Was originally for the 'regular' title and Broner had the 'super' title (Jesus I hate this WBA multiple titles shite). When Broner lost on the scales the Burns fight was made for the only title.
    Burns would have had to face Broner next, but doesn't now.

    He mentioned possibly moving back down to 135 after the fight last night, said he made 140 a bit too easy
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    Quite a large crowd at goodison for the bellew fight. Callum smith Fight at the moment looks a complete miss match.
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    Looks like a good atmosphere in Goodison Park. They've got the Gwaldys Street end and the Lower Bullens open, as well as the seating on the pitch. The Gwaldys street stand looks miles away from the ring, the main stand looks nearer.

    Good film showing Bellew in his seat in the street end. Graham Stuart appears during the film working as a club ambassador.
  • Good work from Bellew in the first, completely undone by a cracking punch from Makabu. Slow 2nd, but probably Bellew's after one little flurry.
  • Coldwell spot on. Bellew got greedy in that first round
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    Knocked him clean out. Great win for Bellew.

    Hope Makabu is ok.
  • What an stunning KO for Bellew. Hope Makabu is OK, some amazing big punches to the head there.
  • Sparko before he hit the deck.
  • Jesus christ
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  • Great to see the two of them embracing and good words from Bellew to Makabu there..."couldn't be friends with you before, but want you to know I respect you so, so much"

    Watching the repeat. So many head punches. Big lefts doing most of the damage.
  • He was in trouble before that left knocked him spark out. A really scary one for a moment, hope he passes all the medical tests tonight.
  • Burns, Crolla and now Bellew in 3 weeks. British boxing feels unstoppable at the minute.
  • He called out Haye - the Bermondsey Bitch.
  • He called out Haye - the Bermondsey Bitch.

    Haye won't ever drop back to cruiserweight. Bellew's wasting his time if he think that fight is going to happen. There are far too many potential pay days at heavyweight for Haye .
  • Bellew raised his game since his last fight against Adonis Creed.
  • Haye would destroy him not that it would ever happen.
  • Pleased to see another British world champion but there's something about him I've never liked. Comes across as a bit of a tosser to me
  • Graham Stuart getting his pic taken with Bellew in the changing room afterwards.
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  • Pleased to see another British world champion but there's something about him I've never liked. Comes across as a bit of a tosser to me

    He has a boxing personality in which he is hot headed and doesn't always think before he speaks and a non boxing one. Like the bloke and pleased for him.

    Must've been immense to achieve that at Goodison for a die heard evertonian.

    Think Haye's speed would trouble him in the unlikely event they ever did meet in the ring.
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    Just settling down to watch Braehmer vs Cleverly. I reckon Cleverly is in with a shout
  • Cleverly has won... Braehmer been pulled out possibly because of injury. Not easy to win in Germany!
  • I'm so pleased for Nathan Cleverly, Braemar didn't fancy that.
  • Weird situation with the belt though. Cleverly is a WBA world champion even though Kovalev is THE WBA world champion?
  • I had cleverly behind in that fight, I thought he looked the shadow of hos former self, so static and easy to read, whatever happened to cleverly,

    Brahamer pulled out with a dislocated elbow and Nathan wins by default, Id hang the gloves up now Nathan your spent
  • Well done to him but WBA stands for Worth Bugger All these days.

    To call him self "world champion" when he's in the same divisions as Kovalev , Adonis and Ward is laughable.
  • Just seen the Parker fight. Hilarious ending , Dimitrenko goes down to one knee and Parker hits him to the ribs whilst down but the ref allows it all the while counting out Dimitrenko who goes for an oscar.
  • That Dimitrenko rolling around reminded me of Jens Lehmann after being pushed by Drogba
  • Is cleveley's belt wort anything at all? Why do the WBA super champion as well? Very odd. I had cleverly behind as well. The other guy landed the more meaningful shots.

    Kovalev vs ward will be a cracker.
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