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  • Haye would destroy him
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    Just seen the highlights of that Bellew fight and his actions after the bout were classless. Giving it the the big one with the mic talking trash to Haye. Not a fan of Haye but I hope he knocks the shite out of him.
  • charltonJ said:

    Haye would destroy him

    Based on what, who has haye fought in the last 4 years

    Harrison win
    Klitchko loss
    Del boy win

    Then no one for two or three years and two bums proper no one's

    Haye 4 years ago would have destroyed Bellew but that's a hell of a long time to be out of fight mode, training for big fights and training for bums is totally different,

    Let alone fighting them, it won't happen as haye will avoid it like the plague he is a tiny heavyweight he is a cruiserweight and yet will only take the fight at heavy tells you everything you Need to know even jonny Nelson tried to tell haye he is no heavyweight even if he has been fighting around it at for 9 yrs

  • Haye would decapitate Bellew in a max of 2 rounds.
  • No lose situation for Bellew at Heavyweight -big pay day and there's a chance Haye has lost the quality he had 4 or 5 years ago.

    If Bellew loses (and I think he would), he stepped up a weight division bravely (even though Haye will have done too really), still has a title and can carry on at Cruiserweight.
  • At Heavyweight Haye would rip Bellews head off and shit down the stump
  • Haye is a spent act, I had so much respect t and time for him until the little toe time

    Haye has been far too inactive to even consider getting I the ring with Bellew,

    Tony has very little boxing craft but he is a fighter and haye has not trained hard nor fought hard since klitchko

    Bellew would ko haye in a heartbeat

    Ha ha ha ha ha
  • We will never know in this fight as it won't happen

    David haye is spent a total of waste of a place at the heavy weight table
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  • We will never know in this fight as it won't happen

    David haye is spent a total of waste of a place at the heavy weight table

    Maybe , but he'd still beat Bellew.

    I see Parker has got his shot confirmed. Fighting for the WBO title against Ruiz Jnr in Auckland. WBA expected to announce a decision on whether their title is to be fought for between AJ and Klitschko , being held up by the sistuation regarding Lucas Browne.

    Good to see the WBA are finally going through the slow process of of going back to one champion per weight , all that super , interim etc rubbish has made their organisation a joke.
  • Kell Brook says he can and will get back to 147 rather than going to 154! So the Spence fight looks set to be next as he is mandatory for Brooks IBF title.
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    Although Kell currently looks more like 14st 7 than 147!!!

  • Anyone else watching?
    Murray stuggled a little earlier. McDonnell in trouble now.
  • That is a fucking disgraceful decision.
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    Shocking decision that
  • Did anyone hear after the final bell some (maybe Bellew) said "he's won it"?
    Sounded surprised like he found out the decision early.
    Soon as I heard that I quickly logged onto Betfair and got McDonnell at 3/1 before the scores read out.
    Shit decision but great result :wink:
  • I swear that face mask isn't regulation standard
  • Ortiz is a scary man
  • Ortiz early 1-2 rounds
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  • Ortiz early 1-2 rounds

    Or as soon as Scott stops running
  • Suspicious stuff, what with the earlier decision and this "fight" all happening in what could easily be a James bond set.
  • Farcical stuff. Most embarrassing performance by a heavyweight since Seldon vs Tyson
  • The bar stool is genius though. Just taken from the casino downstairs.
  • There's less fight in this than a Charlton team!
  • Very poor. Ortiz didn't impress me much
  • Love watching Eddie Hearn squirm. Knob.
  • Haven't got sky sports any more so miss out on all the matchroom pantos please will someone tell me what happened?
  • Malik Scott ran more in 12 rounds than Mo Farrah did in 2012 and 2016 combined.
    Didn't throw a punch.
    One of the worst fights in the sports history...wish I was exaggerating
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