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Ramblin Man Fair 2016

This weekend at Mote Park, Been looking forward to this for ages!! Any other lifers going??


  • Just me then! :smile:
  • No, but a few decent bands on. Have seen Procol Harum a couple of times recently and they're very good. Would also like to see Uriah Heep. Would have liked to have gone last year as The Scorpions were playing.
  • Not going but will be hearing it from my garden I expect. Not ideal but means I don't need to mess about with the parking. Black Stone Cherry should be good.
  • Went last year as it coincided with my UK trip. At the moment I am in Spain so can't make it. You'll have a good time, I'm sure.
  • My wife saw that advertised round Maidstone and suggested I take a look for some ideas for a few good walks :smile:
  • Would go but have heard it can go on and on for a bit
  • Nearly went but did the Kent beer fest on Friday and am a lightweight these days.

    A mate of mine has gone every year and rates it. He did the beer fest on Friday and has gone to both days and assures me there is a good selection of real ales.

    Was listening to Tax the Heat last week - playing this weekend and worth a listen. Never watched them but am told a band called Hayseed Dixie are a must - bluegrass heavy rock!
  • Great day yesterday. Hayseed Dixie were superb. Getting ready for day 2 now.

    My poor liver
  • I was tempted to have a look as we were offered cheap tickets as we live in the Park grounds but I ended up going to a stag do in Essex.
  • Great weekend. Thunder are still 1 of the best , most underrated live bands on the planet. Brilliant
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