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Martin McGuiness dead



  • This 1 will divide opinion!
  • Give it till 09:00 GMT

    If you wanna know what I'd do, Cabes, sink it like the Titanic.
  • This 1 will divide opinion!

    It shouldn't do.
  • Does his latter years make up for the atrocities he was involved in? Probably not imo but he was undoubtedly one of the reasons for the peace process.
  • I hope it hurt. BIH
  • Nothing he done in recent years excuses what he done earlier.
    Good ridence
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  • Rest in peace to all his victims.
  • Let's face it this scumbag should have died in gaol.
  • It must have been incredibly difficult for the queen to have met him and to shake his hand but she did and the two got on very well.
    To be a member of a terrorist organisation he deserves every criticism but also grudging praise for his role in securing peace.

  • 66 is the devils number. Nuff said.
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  • Isn'the acknowledging the "good" he done just doing things on his terms? i.e. I'm gonna be directly and indirectly involved in bombings, shootings and beatings, then once I've had enough of doing that, I'll go about it the acceptable way. The way that most of the people I've killed tried to do it from the start
  • I hope that you rot in hell.
  • Without him there would be no peace.
  • Good riddance. RIP to all his victim's.
  • RIP Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry, 24 years ago, yesterday
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