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Hales or Flanagan



  • Killer for me but Flash was the more skilful footballer
  • Killer was my football hero till Chris Powell came along so its him but yes Flanagan was a hell of a player.
  • Killer, simply no contest
  • Chizz said:

    Chizz said:

    Flanagan was a ridiculously talented, exciting, attacking player, who would strike fear in opponents and would turn games in a "flash".

    But... Hales. All day, every day.

    He had Rommedahl-like speed and could finish like Wright-Phillips.

    For me, Killer was the best Charlton player, ever.
    Point of order here Chizz.
    Hales had blistering acceleration over the first 10 yards, that's what gave him his edge.
    Well, that and his nerveless killer instinct in front of goal and aggressive winning temperament.
    But Rommedahl like speed over distance? Haha, no.
    Flanagan was a talented, left-sided forward/winger who visibly grew in stature after Hales left for his Derby/WestHam sojourn.
    After converting to Centre-forward and following a hugely successful summer spell in the USA, Flanagan returned the complete player with a new found arrogance and self belief.
    He had become a finisher of rare class.
    Better than Hales? Hmm, he undoubtedly had more strings to his bow, a sublime talent.
    But Killer was the best finisher I've seen in a Charlton shirt and remains my favourite ever Charlton player.
    In an era when we were disdainfully regarded as plucky little Charlton, a faded former giant, Killer didn't take any shit from anyone and gave us something to be proud of.
    A legend and a hero
    I accept your point of order. Let me retort with this hypothetical question. Who would have been quicker in the penalty area, Hales or Rommedahl?
  • Killer
  • When I played for the school team I insisted playing number 8....enough said.
  • like a lot on here Killer all day !

    i cant think of a player who has given me more enjoyment watching Charlton play .. Flash was one hell of a player for us though (hatricks v tottenham and chelsea are great memories)
  • Going almost purely off the Charlton 70's VHS I used to watch over-and-over as a kid... I loved Killer and used to make him on all my old FIFA/Pro Evo games having never actually seen him play.
  • This is a bit one-sided.

    Let's go for a closer contest. Kinsella v Lepoint :wink:
  • Killer is 100% my all-time Charlton hero. Flanagan's hat-tricks against Spurs and Chelsea were a bit special, though.
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  • First saw Flanagan playing for the New England Tea Men. He was amazing that one season in the NASL, outshining players like Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Chinaglia, Francis ...
    Was never quite as good at Charlton, but my all-time favorite Addick.
    Respect to Hales, who was more a man of the terraces. But Flanagan for me.
  • Derek Hales all day long.....had everything left foot, right foot headers, and could put in a decent pin point cross field pass.

    Also if you crossed him look out. Remember going to Chesterfield in our promotion season of 81 and they had a defender called Colin Tarrt who did him at the valley a few months earlier making him miss about 4 or 5 weeks due to injury.

    With about 5 minutes left Tarrt had the ball and Hales came racing in to clear him off his feet, now days that would be a straight red, i think he got booked and was suspended for the next couple of games.

    He also scored a superb goal that day after about 8 minutes that you can you tube...
  • 'Halesy'the original Del Boy.

    Imagine this, Charlton have a corner. Halesy opens up a deck chair on the penalty spot, sits, lights up a ciggie, Powelly slings over the corner to the far post. Who's the first to the ball and bang it in the back of the net.?
    No contest.
    By the way FUCK OFF
  • That should have said
  • Why won't it let me type our Owners name.
  • Acab said:

    Why won't it let me type our Owners name.

    Cos you just told it to F off. :wink:
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