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***** Sale of Charlton - DING DONG IT'S DONE!!!!! (LAST ORDERS - Closes Monday)*****



  • Unfortunate use of the word "feeder"... Hm.
  • please god let this be a 'flush out the real buyers' leak
  • Fucking feeder just pissed me right off
  • What they worth?.
  • Odds on our resident smutmeister cracking the being big down under pun..?
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  • At least with Roland there is no worries about going under financially.
    This sounds shady at best.
  • Aussie FC website states a 55m AUD figure. That equates to just under £33m.
  • Sounds dreadful on first look.

    Roland down under.
  • What they worth?.

    "Australian Football Consortium Ltd (AFC) are currently attempting to raise the capital necessary to buy out the Belgian..."

  • I believe it would be feeder as in the aussies come to us to develop with us

    God help them with our team
  • Don't like the sound of this at all. Australian Roland.
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  • Reading that it seems we have Roland all over again
  • On a plus note I bet the idiots think that if they buy the club they'll be immune from protests on their doorstep because they're so far away.

    Ready to step up to the plate @OzAddick and become the Aussie One if need be?

    Idiots is a tad harsh at this stage.
  • Looks like the Valley needs some money spent on it.
  • First name to break cover, will possibly encourage others to do so.

    In RD's interests if he can provoke a bidding war.
  • Spivs, Belgian loony, Aussie nursery club. What could possibly go wrong?
  • What does a period of exclusivity mean? That they're the only people allowed to bid?
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Roland Out!