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Is the Club advertising for a new CEO?

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  • Love a bit of cut and paste don't they
  • Would anybody say that our beloved CEO meets any of those criteria?
    At all? No?
    Nor me.
  • Did Karl Robinson write that?
  • Think I'll go for it, I do F. All all day and I'm full of bullshite , finally something I'm born for.
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  • My nickname is 'painter' amongst other things but they can far cough
  • Think I'll go for it, I do F. All all day and I'm full of bullshite , finally something I'm born for.

    That jobs already taken at CAFC, maybe you could offer cover for hen do's
  • Knowing this lot they'd give the job to Rolf Harris
  • Im a painter by trade and do not know anyone who would work for 8 quid an hour! Beside the crap pay, the advert is just pathetic

    Roland will just ship over a cheap foreigner #teambrexit
  • I'd give them the brush off.
  • Beyond parody.
  • 1StevieG said:

    What's Karl Howman up to these days?

    Supporting Ebbsfleet.
  • £8/h and no real hours of work. They treat their staff as bad as their customers.
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  • edited April 2017
    To be fair, they probably want the temporary painter to run the club for Meire, as she's got a holiday coming up.

    She'll tell him how easy it is. Do bugger all and if challenged lie through your teeth.
  • Possibly she's having her portrait painted on the ceiling of the Covered end just like the Sistine chapel?
    We can gaze up and she can gaze down......forever.
  • Thought she already had the painters in judging by her sunny disposition.
  • No where does that ask for the ability to f**king paint!!!!

    I think we've taken our approach to on field activities and applied then off field.
  • Surely the likes of LePont should have been kept on rather than have their contracts paid up to get on with this task. What is Saar up to over the summer?
  • edited April 2017
    If the chosen painter is able to comply with each bullet point of the spec, he or she will be doing everything our owner, CEO and SMT aren't.
  • "Building a better future together" seems to have been omitted from the ad.
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