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Ex players not speaking out enough!



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    bobmunro said:

    Over three years that's not a whole lot........a couple of notables on the missing list are Hales and Flanagan.
    You'd think maybe the ex players association might have piped up somehow or another.

    But all they could really comment on is the current league position - they do not have access to the inside workings of the club (doesn't stop us commenting though!!). Have either of them commented on how the club was run when they were playing for us?

    They would both have plenty to say I can assure you.......two fellas who always spoke out and made their feelings felt. I'm sure they have been watching with ill concealed bewilderment the crazy goings on at the cloob.
    Not sure how long you've supported us but they (particularly Derek), have always spoke their mind and had heartfelt opinions re all things Addick.........if asked.
    Wonder what Derek is up to these days?
  • I had a few beers with Derek Hales last April when he caddied for his son at a golf event at my club. He wasn't as hostile to the situation at that time as I thought he might me. He took the view that RD had stepped in when things were threatening to go down the toilet and while he didn't agree with what was happening, it was all well and good moaning with no plan B in evidence. He's probably as pissed off as the rest of us by now to be fair.
  • Be interesting to know what Frank Nouble thinks.
  • Cory Gibbs is most put out and as for Darren Purse he is by all accounts beside himself.
  • Shay Given hasn't said much of late
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    Halix said:

    Good idea, I often go back to all my old firm's and have a moan at the changes to the board and management, and occasionally about how they have moved the desks around.

    Wouldn't you have thought that some of them would have some lasting affection for the club and as such would speak's surprising to me that we don't hear much from them.
    They are all scared of waking up with a dead waffle stuck to the pillow next to them. Its also the reason why Chris Powell never went through the toll booths at the Dartford Tunnel, and why Yann Kermorgant suddenly decided to go to Reading when KM made him an offer he couldnt refuse.
  • cafc4life said:

    Omar Pouso is gutted also. He said he played the best 81 minutes of his career for us

    I think Corey Gibbs said something similar, the best club he's never played for and how much it improved his injury performance.
  • Welly said:

    Two ex players come to mind both working for the regime for last few years.

    Humphrey and Bolder.

    I'd like to shove 10 pints down Keith Peacock's throat so he could tell a few tales.
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