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Wigan v Charlton - Post Match Thread

Great and unexpected point away from home. Hopefully this will bring a confidence boost and a platform to kick on again.

Huge respect to the near 400 who made the trip.

Grateful for thoughts from those there or who followed the game


  • I've seen some time wasting in my time but that was right up there with the best , needs must and all that.

    As Croydon says it's a goalscorer we need .
  • Very impressive result
  • Can’t remember the last time I celebrated a point that much. If we can keep a clean sheet against the league leaders and top scorers why the fuck can’t we keep one against Southend, Blackpool or Pompey?!
  • Fantastic.
    I look forward to the match comments and player marks from those that were there.
    Knowing nothing about the match myself, it's obvious that old wobbly legs number 4 deserves all the credit :smiley:

    Here's to a good Bank Holiday welcome home to the lads, and a derby win over the Gills.
    Well done to the valiant few that made the trip.

    Will Grigg's on fire, but Ezri Konsa put him out,
    Will Grigg's on fire but Narby Sarr had too much clout.
    La la la la la la la.......etc
  • Battled well. Patched up side, but a proper team performance.

    Very decent point away at the League leaders.

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  • Great result!
  • got to be happy with that
  • edited December 2017
    Great point. Not a bad couple of days all told!! Happy to eat humble pie.
  • as I said in the match thread. we have become a proper league 1 side with that time wasting.
  • Good performance, great commitment at the back. Rode our luck at times, but worth the point. KAG had three chances. One side netting, one saved and one went for a throw-in, but actually he did well to create the opening. Amos was kept busy and did well.

    Really well put.

    Thought Sarr and Konsa were excellent. Think Kashi looked back to it after a shaky opening 20 minutes. I think we all kind of forgot about Aribo because of the start to the season JFC and Kashi had, but today was another reminder that he is a very gifted (albeit still raw) player.

    Credit to the team, and to Robinson for really stifling them despite having a depleted squad. After a run of bad results that feels like it has stopped the bleeding. Hopefully we'll see Bauer back on Monday with Holmes and Reeves from the start. But for tonight, a lot to be positive about.
  • Happy with that result. Need to start beating teams like Gillingham now tho.
  • Called it on the preview thread.

    The KM effect lifts the team or super JJ does it again? Discuss.
  • Great bonus point, now come on @LouisMend get your Karl quotes sorted.....
  • Played with real spirit. Lots of good performances, in particular from Konsa, KAG, Sarr, Marshall, fact they all put a shift in. That's a real morale boosting point at a difficult time. They're playing for their futures (and probably for Karl's too).
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  • Before Christmas most of us would have taken a point from away games at Southend and Wigan.

    Just a shame we were so poor at The Valley in the home December matches against Portsmouth and Blackpool.

    3 points on Monday are a must to get us back in the mix.
  • Solid performance - what a difference 3 days make. Miserable on Boxing Day, but well worthy of a point and a clean sheet today. Sarr, Konsa and Amos were immense.

    KAG could have even nicked it with a bit more composure.

    Only real down side was the set piece delivery - really poor again.
  • 7am training session paid dividends :)
  • Impressive and disciplined performance.
    Whole team did well.
    Every time I’ve seen Marshall, it’s obvious to me what a good player he will be for us. The mind boggles at the haters who give him ott stick. Hope Lennon is OK.

    Loved Jackson busting a lung to nearly connect in the 6 yard box towards end of first half.

  • Watched the stream. Great result, both teams came close to scoring and maybe going on to win it - us with KAGs chances and Wigan hitting the post. A very Charlton result, grinding it out when recent form suggests it'll be a bad defeat.

    Good to see KAG get the type of chances he did, don't often see Magennis get into those positions. Perhaps it's partly due to the sort of game it was, clubs battling at the bottom of the league playing us at home will be happier to sit back. He makes mistakes and misses chances but I don't think we should give up on him just yet. Wouldn't mind seeing him get a run of games as the main striker.
  • Very pleased with that. Battled well. Marshall was brilliant as was sarr. Great point lads!!!!!
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