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Charlton Life Glossary



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    The forum who’s name may not be spoken/mentioned = The forum who’s name may not be spoken/mentioned.....................Ad infinitum.
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    This late 90s emoticon can denote a CL poster as either being remarkably smug, or as a 'know it all'.

  • IMHO = In my humble opinion.
    IMNSHO = In my not so humble opinion.
  • TWAT - @ricky_otto

    A fair assement
  • Huh - commencement of any statement from our beloved owner
  • Nigel - Person whose traits include wearing black hoodies, thumb sucking and relying on Police protection.

    Full Kit Wanker - See above
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  • "SDAddick length posting" (also: "Pulling an SDAddick," "SDAddicking"): An incredibly lengthy and somewhat well written post in which strong opinions are professed on something the reader didn't really care about when it started...and still don't really. Often contains spelling errors and incorrect use of English.
  • FORD - Fuck Off Roland Douchebag
  • Spanner = Term of endearment for much loved neighbours.

    Their cup final, when they play us and Harry and his dog are out for it.
  • Thanks a lot Roland: Means the exact opposite - a bit like when kids used to say that's bad (meaning good).
  • Uboat said:

    Hangover from the days before the 'like' button was introduced.


  • 14 chips - a manifest example of Duchâtelet’s attempts to squeeze as much income from a shrinking customer base as possible - referencing the poor quantity of chips in a purchase at the valley
  • How tall is he/he passes the height test - every player linked with the club is now subject to the CL height test. It's believed this came about in the summer of 2011 after one poster decided our centre back pairing of Michael Morrison and Matt Taylor (both about 6 ft) were too short to be part of a promotion winning side.
  • Sheffield United will come good..............sorry have come good. And soon to replaced with.

    Ricky Holmes will come good for Sheffield United.
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  • Takeover - a change of club ownership but with the sense of a mirage oasis viewed by a parched desert traveller.
  • Charltonization - a constant and malignant force localised to The Valley affecting anything and anyone (especially new signings). Effects include a loss of form, broken promises, and hopes and aspirations being foiled.
  • As Nolly would say...

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    Transfer window - referring to a summer and January period when Charlton's best players are sold to other clubs. Disambiguation: At other clubs a term to describe when players are bought and sold with an overall objective of strengthening the club's squad.
  • 'Unpredictable' the description applied by Charlton managers to players the club have signed that they know nothing whatsoever about.
  • JaShea99 said:

    A ‘Nathan’. Slang term for a pound named after lovable unemployed rogue NathanPrior who used to post ridiculously long and unrealistic accumulators with £1 stakes. Eg. ‘It probably won’t come in, I only chucked a Nathan on it’.

    Also known as SoundAsaNathan.
  • Southeastern railway = Cnuts
  • IMHO = In my humble opinion.
    IMNSHO = In my not so humble opinion.

    I intend the H to mean Honest
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