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Two Sheds Here

I have had a few days discussion with a certain party.I am here in New Zealand and just as passionate about the club as I always have been.I am given to understand that Charlton Athletic(the worlds greatest football club) will be in safe hands very soon.Love and Peace.Buy Gold and Bitcoin. xxx


  • Any news of Sarah from Eltham?
  • Please dont confuse us people....
  • Pathetic imposter.
  • Please dont confuse us people....

    It’s a blast from the past ... NetAddicks

    Pathetic imposter.

    You should dig out your stories of your adventures with Millwall :wink:
  • Two sheds only had one.

    Anyway, I impressed that the news has travelled so far. As it is obviously out there, I can confirm that Rolly, in his quest to give youth a chance, has decided to encourage my son in his A level economics by passing him the club to play with. The deal comes with a £10 million annual budget with bonuses for promotion. He has also kindly said that if a special player becomes available he will consider buying him!! How good is that!!!

    And that is not all, he has also said that if he has a really good player at one of his other clubs he will send him over, and if Bowyer doesn’t get some results in September he has a list of world class managers that he could make available in hours!!! It also comes with an information pack of how to manage delusional supporters and team formations. What a visionary god he is.

  • Waiting for a comment from suzisillysausage......
  • That's made me feel better!
  • 1905 said:

    Waiting for a comment from suzisillysausage......

    ha, I knew you'd pipe up!

  • them were the days... logged on and made up a name, left a message, logged off.
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  • BUY GOLD.....
  • 1905 said:

    Waiting for a comment from suzisillysausage......

    ha, I knew you'd pipe up!

    Or Camp David
  • Is Sad Git with you?

  • Thought you died in the 2004 tsunami?
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    That’s the original two_sheds you’re thinking of, not this twerp!
    Funny, cause last I heard he was alive and well in Milton Keynes......and living in a very modest terraced house, not the mansion he would often refer to.......looks like the nutter didn’t follow his own advice.
    Well there’s a surprise.......mind you, being dead that would be rather hard to least down my way.
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