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Congratulations Liverpool

Just a fantastic win.

I love this game.


  • Football. Bloody hell.
  • Stunning result. Congratulations
  • Fair play the Scousers
  • Ah go on then...   Well played bin dippers!
  • Didn’t see that coming.
  • I like a lot of Liverpool’s players. Good for them. 

  • Wow, I didn't see that coming.
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  • 1/16 on Barcelona to qualify before kick off tonight.
  • Deserved win (said thru gritted teeth).

    Hope Spurs or A-Jacks best them in the final
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    The odds on Liverpool winning and going through were 4%. About the same as the odds on Sat morning on us finishing third... 
  • That was bloody magnificent - and what an atmosphere 
  • Like Liverpool, really like Gomez.  Well done to them, CL final two years in a row right? Quite an achievement.

    not a fan of plastic scousers who are popping up all over facebook now (as they do for all the bigger clubs frankly)
  • Brilliant. What an atmosphere.
  • Spurs do the business tomorrow night and we are probably looking at all English team finals in both the European competitions. 
  • Stunning.
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  • Superb, I hope they go on and win outright now.
  • Brilliant. Always liked Liverpool and pleased for them. Hope they do it Sunday too.
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