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How much football do you watch?

Apologies if we’ve done this subject in the not too distant past, but typed it into the search function and nothing immediate cropped up.  Just wondering how much football you all consume these days.  Must admit, I tend to get my fix purely through going to Charlton now.  I’m guessing it’s a combination of age and the commitments you might pick up as you get older (family maybe), but I cannot think of the last time I watched all of a live game on TV, and probably haven’t watched MOTD yet this season. 

I think with European games now only on BT, that has limited my midweek intake, and I’ll be honest, some of the Prem games are hard going, particularly coupled with the hype of skysports.  I only asked because I was out tonight and missed a cracker in the Liverpool v Arsenal game, I guess if I were at home I may have dabbled, but just wondered what everyone else’s intake is.  

When I was a teenager I would hoover up pretty much all of what I could get my hands on.  Now, going away or to the valley, and then Quest if we win or draw on a Sunday morning (still can’t bring myself to watch the highlights when we lose), is the pretty much my lot.  


  • I watch all the English teams live games plus highlights on MOTD, Quest etc.
    If there are 2 live games, I have 1 on TV & 1 on laptop.
  • Much less than I used to. If it was on I’d pretty much watch it a few years ago. Now I record MOTD and Quest highlights and watch them on a Sunday morning whilst fast forwarding through most of the chat/analysis. If there is a live game on and Mrs SB isn’t watching the telly I’ll probably have it on but will spend most of it fiddling on my phone rather than watching it. I haven’t watched Champions League etc since BT took it over as I refuse to pay for the latter. I missed it at first but have adapted. 
  • I don't have Sky, but funnily I'm watching more football than I used to, as while I've always watched MOTD, I never used to watch the EFL highlights in full. Now I do, as being in the Championship it's good to see all the other teams, and it's interesting to watch L1 as I still recognise most of the clubs and players.
  • Not much. I've seen four games live so far this season, got two more planned. Don't watch MoTD, fast forward through Quest to see Charlton, occasionally watch one of the sky games in the evening if someone puts it on. Watched England v Czech Rep, wished I hadn't.
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    Apart from CAFC live games(tv and in person) I usually watch Quest (Championship only now..😀) & MOTD. Then usually at least one live Premiership game on a Sunday & the midday Championship one if I remember / not watching the golf. Then midweek games if they look good (tonight's liverpool v arsenal for example). Stopped my BT sport  subs this season.

    Then again I'm not married or coupled up.
  • Not enough, every Charlton weekend game and Sunday games once or twice a month, a baby and time zones make anymore hard, I normally download MOTD and then don't get time to watch it.
  • Charlton and MotD on sunday morning.
  • Haven’t watched MOTD properly for 7 years ish , can’t bring myself to watch while palace are in the prem , it hurts too much .
    Champions League I’ll wait till the games have a meaning 
    Premiership will watch the odd biggie match but will often have it on in the background 
    was lucky to be watching most of liv v arse match last night,  due to the kids wanting to stay up longer but usually wouldn’t watch it 
    I’ll watch the  scum on telly , with pure hatred running through me , that Brighton cup game was a thing of beauty 

    the pure saturation of the game on telly means I prolly watch less than ever, since it started being thrown at us relentlessly by Sky and co.
    Going back 5-10 years I used to watch so much more 

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    Probably too much. I have about twenty different European leagues that I at least follow the results of.

    I’ll catch a game here or there from some of those leagues and end up making sure I tune in to that same team’s next game if it was an enjoyable watch.

    Right now I am enjoying watching Famalicao in Portugal and Arminia Bielefeld in Germany’s 2nd division. I want to watch Granada tomorrow if I get the chance because they are flying in Spain.
  • Watch our games mainly live, although Im trying to find a system of recording the stream as staying up until 4 am is just not great in all honesty. 

    But watch alot of the build up and review shows for the prem and the highlight shows for championship.

    So quite a lot.
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  • Go to about 40 games a season, all non-league hopping.

    Have not watched MOTD for about 25 years due to no interest in the 'money league'/out on the drink.

    I'll flick through recorded Quest every now and then.
  • Only really watch football at home on TV during international tournaments. 

    Watching more live football than ever, thanks to 2 football crazy sons. Going to a ground and watching a game is far more enjoyable and sociable than watching on TV in my opinion. Bit like how boozing is best done when you're out and about, rather than indoors. 
  • No more than about 5 to 10 minutes per game. Hopingthat improves under Rowett. I spend the other 80 to 85 minutes standing in the Dockers stand foaming at the mouth while screaming obsenatives at the away end.

  • Pretty much just Charlton, last 2 seasons that has meant 5-10 live games and a click on the highlights link posted on here.  Have not watched MoTD for a long time roughly in line with how long Palace have been in there.  Did not know there was such a thing as Quest until reading this thread.  Barely even watch England.  I have gone to maybe 2-3 PL live games through work last few seasons but that is drying up now too
  • No more than about 5 to 10 minutes per game. Hopingthat improves under Rowett. I spend the other 80 to 85 minutes standing in the Dockers stand foaming at the mouth while screaming obsenatives at the away end.

    What block are you in?
  • No more than about 5 to 10 minutes per game. Hopingthat improves under Rowett. I spend the other 80 to 85 minutes standing in the Dockers stand foaming at the mouth while screaming obsenatives at the away end.

    What block are you in?
    NW quadrant 
  • No more than about 5 to 10 minutes per game. Hopingthat improves under Rowett. I spend the other 80 to 85 minutes standing in the Dockers stand foaming at the mouth while screaming obsenatives at the away end.

    What block are you in?
    NW quadrant 

    New Wall Quadrant. Got it. Welcome to the group.
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    Attend all our games home & away,attend all our 'under 23' home games & away games in London.Watch most live Premier League,EFL & European games on tv,very rarely watch tv highlights programmes.
  • Very little. I have Quest and MOTD on skyplus. On quest I wind through to Charlton and then delete, on MOTD I watch the first few games and then delete. Pretty regularly I review whats in the planner and see a load of MOTD and MOTD2 that I've never seen - they are deleted without watching. England internationals are normally on, but pretty much in the background.
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  • no where near as much as I used to, don't have BT sport so no Champions League, I watch alot more championship football now that we are in it and Sky do it very well. My missus doesn't tend to mind whats on the TV of an evening.
    Always sky+ the quest programme and MOTD (most of the time I just delete MOTD without watching it), will watch it live if I'm up and nothing else on
  • Charlton only 
  • Charlton live whenever I'm able and the odd Premier League and Championship game on Sky/Euro on BT.
    But I'm getting to the point now where I'll start watching a game on TV and then after 20 minutes or so get bored and pass the remote to Mrs M.
    Apart from Charlton matches I could easily live without football.
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    If my son is at home he watches football non-stop so I tend to get sucked in.
    Otherwise I barely watch any these days.
    If I have seen our highlights on CL i don't even bother with Quest.
  • Stream all Charlton away games

    Only ever watch other Championship or Premier League games live on SKY rather than seeing any foreign leagues but dont watch all of them, instead will pick and choose the games that I watch... Even then I'll rarely give the game my full attention

    Always watch Quest Highlights... Never watch Match of the Day these days, YouTube have 3min highlights of matches not long after the Premier League games finish so watch them so I dont have to put up with the bullshit punditry
  • Always watch the midweek fixtures, be it champs league/carabao/championship = 2 games.

    I always watch the 12:30 fixtures on Saturday on BT, and if we're at home I'll be watching that too. If Charlton are not on, I'll usually watch the late 5:30 PL game. = 2 games.

    Sunday, most of the time it clashes with F1 which takes my preference on a Sunday. Usually just the one game on super sunday, rarely do I watch the full double header. = 1 game.

    Combine that with MOTD, and EFL on Quest (which I only watch the first hour [championship])....

    I'm all in for around 10hours a week of football lol.

  • All and any.
    If I was to give up my s/t then I at least had to have Sky.
    I will watch any football, so as I’m here in Ireland I dip in and out of their league. It can be pretty awful but I still prefer it to Scottish football which I really can’t stand but I keep trying.
    I am loving being able to watch Charlton on the red button but it does remind me of how much I miss it.

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    I watch highlights programs each week but less often am I watching full games. Each week I’ll watch the following highlights shows which are about an hour each:

    - Match of the Day
    - EFL on Quest
    - Bundesliga roundup (BT Sport)
    - Ligue 1 round up (BT Sport)
    - La Liga roundup (Premier Sports)

    And if I can fit it in I’ll do the same for Eredivisie and Serie A (both Premier Sports). 

    The international leagues I enjoy because it’s my chance to learn about different clubs that I’m not completely familiar with.

    Cant stand the English football shows which are 50% made up of waffle from pundits talking through clips that we’ve already seen about 5 minutes earlier.

  • Great question. My intake has been diluted by other sport very significantly in the last two years or so, but I'll still watch all Charlton home games live, most away games either live or streamed, and then early KOs on Sundays via some sort of stream.

    Can't watch much midweek action because of working hours. Watch the odd EFL early/late kickoff on Fridays/Saturday earlies/Sundays when possible or available via a stream too.

    But this then competes with cricket, NFL, F1, and a whole host of other things too. So it does vary.
  • If I’m home and there’s a live game on the box, the TV will be on, but do I watch it? Don't think I do. 

    It mainly on for background noise. 
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