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Apart from Lockyer, the back 4 need replacing ASAP!

When we are conceding appalling goals like Derby at 1-0. We haven’t kept a clean sheet since we beat Derby at home 3-0. Yes injuries are costing us but we cannot keep conceding appalling goals like these.

Here’s what I think about each player

Sarr - Clumsy at the back
Pearce - Like him but he’s not a Championship Defender
Solly - Again like him but he hasn’t been the same since his injury
Purrington - Great League One left back but he’s showing signs. No wonder Rotherham didn’t favour him

Lockyer deserves his spot but the rest need to be replaced ASAP!


  • The bloke behind me is having a go again then
  • Solly to blame for the goal had to do more there.
  • Lololololololol
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    As back fours go, ours is pretty shyte.
  • Irony is it’s the only part of the pitch we are injury free 
  • The fuck is wrong with people tonight. 
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    2nd goal was shocking, and yes we do need to improve, but you can’t bin them all.
  • Tbf i dont think lockyer is that great! We struggle at the back. I thunk we need to see more of oshi back there. 
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  • Great that we get Sarr wages off our books in June. Good riddance. Also surely this is the end of Solly. 
  • Fortunately the rest of the team dont need replacing.
  • Defense hasn't been performing well but I seriously believe if we fix the midfield we fix the defense. 

    Massively miss Cullen Field and Williams 
    Of course we will, they'll keep the ball more and do something with it

    Opponents will be forced to think about defending a lot more than that focusing on our obvious weaknesses at present

    When we are under the cosh they'll also be able to use their experience to help the defence out and not leave them vunerable
  • It needs improving but they had children kids and fatigued forwards playing infront of them.
  • Anyone whose reaction to Sarr leaving is 'good riddance' should be on some sort of register
  • 2121 said:
    Tbf i dont think lockyer is that great! We struggle at the back. I thunk we need to see more of oshi back there. 
    It’s interesting that Lockyer seems to get a free pass for his errors. The way he lost his man tonight on that long ball from Hamer was criminal.
    Imagine what people would be like if that was Pearce, Sarr or Purrington.

    I like Lockyer, but I also like the rest of the defenders. Unfortunately, they’ve been under some serious pressure recently, they’re all prone to errors and the cracks have been not only starting to show, but widening. And the longer it’s gone on, the more stark it’s become. Reinforcements are vital. Other positions are higher priority, but if we can get a big, experienced ‘orrible bastard in to help out at the back, we’d definitely cope better.

  • Solly and Purrington are not wing backs and none of our players can cross the ball.

    Lockyer is okay but nothing more.
  • Weird thing is the team on the whole actually defend really well, and make it really difficult for teams to break us down. But then go and mess that all up by one really poor mental or technical mistake - which at this level you get punished for.

  • Really don’t get the hype with Lockyer. 
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  • Really don’t get the hype with Lockyer. 
    Not sure if anyone does?
  • Is it a full moon tonight? 
  • Really don’t get the hype with Lockyer. 
    I agree. His distribution is dreadful. Gets beaten in the air too often and isn’t especially strong.
    his positional sense is usually ok but there is room for improvement
  • Really don’t get the hype with Lockyer. 
    I partially agree, he does seem to get off lightly when compared to the rest of the defence
  • I watched Lockyer play in the friendly against Villa and he was shocking - he's improved since but like Sarr, Oshilaja and Pearce struggles at this level.
  • Are we talking about the same Lockyer that I was watching tonight?
  • Don’t understand how anyone hasn’t called out Purrington! 

    The guy is useless , and overly reminiscent of dan seaborne! Constantly out of position, lightweight and to prone to pointless backwards tiny triangular passing! 

    Alfie D has shown, in 2 or 3 games that he is more than capable of filling in at LB - and whilst not his natural position (so should get an out and out LB) he should be playing there! 

    Defence is an area that you can afford to have one ‘naff’ player as the 3 others should be able to cover ... not this year! Sarr is again showing why he can’t play above league 1, solly is unfortunately 2nd string at best and Lockyer the only half decent one out of them! 

  • Anyone who thought our defence wasnt going to struggle this year needs their head testing. I mean, what division were they all playing in last year?

    That's what happens when your recruitment policy revolves around getting in crocks, last minute freebies and loans.

  • We have a centre back ready to step in.Give Deji a go.He is a natural centre back after all.
  • I think we already have an adequate replacement for Solly in Adam Matthews.

    And Lewis Page will be back soon :D
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