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Terry Jones RIP

Monty Python member Terry Jones has died aged 77 . RIP

”He’s not the messiah. He’s a very naughty boy!”



  • RIP what a great performer and writer.
  • RIP funny man
  • that's sad RIP
  • Just saw this. Gutted - I love these guys. RIP Terry.
  • A real shame, I think he was suffering badly from dementia too in his final years. RIP.
  • RIP

    Such a brilliantly funny guy
  • RIP that is really sad, what a great talent
  • Absolute comedy hero. RIP Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson... 
  • To repeat what I said on my late post - Far too early. At least he can now tell Graham again that he was just a very naughty boy. R.I.P Terry
  • Was fortunate enough to get to see the Python's at the O2 a few years ago and Jones was clearly struggling with his memory at the time but still performed all the Python greats superbly. RIP.
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  • Bye bye Biggles. Thanks for Ripping Yarns and everything else.
  • RIP Terry Jones.
    From Do Not Adjust Your Set onwards, made me laugh.
    He’s probably up there arguing the toss with God about something, but he had been ill with some form of dementia for some time I believe, so this may be a welcome release for him.
    Thanks for all the laughs and silliness, Mr Jones you will be missed.
  • RIP
    He had been battling dementia for some time.
  • One of the best. I saw Michael Palin speak recently and he spoke fondly of Terry.
    RIP, Terry.
  • All the heroes of mine are dropping off this mortal coil.
    Sad day.
  • A comedy genius. Python forged my sense of humour as a young teenager, which has stayed with me throughout my life. Another hero gone.

    RIP Terry 
  • Aw bugger. RIP
  • And death's the final word.


  • RIP Terry Jones 
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  • Was raised on Monty Python. RIP Terry.
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    R.I.P. Thanks for every single laugh of which there were countless. Also, the power of comedy and learning to think for yourself. The Life of Brian had a profound effect on me in that respect. Brilliant man.
  • R.I.P Terry. I can say with great affection that I worked with your boy Bill at Dubbs in the early 90's and he is a lovely lad. He certainly wasn't a "Very Naughty Boy"...
  • Sadly suffered with frontotemporal dementia for the last few years which is a brutal condition. I hope he has found peace.

    A very funny man.
  • My favourite Python. I was chuckling throughout the obituary, which says it all. RIP
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    How very very sad, made me laugh out loud so many times from the TV series of Monty Python that I grew up watching to the films - just pure brilliance! RIP Terry (aka Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Cardinal Biggles of the Spanish Inquisition and Mr Creosote) condolences to his wife, family and friends....god bless sir!! 
  • A sad day but one of God or the Morningstar will be getting his ear bent. 
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