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    *Wrong thread. Sorry. 
  • Very happy with that.
  • He might do, he did for us. We do need a couple of strikers in now. What is happening regarding Schwartz?
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  • Done well to get £2m for him. He was a decent finisher at times but didn't add much else and needed far too many chances. I wish him well.
  • 1000% return.

    That's twice he has gone for more money than Taylor ever has 😜😜

    I wish him well. 
  • Good move. Need a goal scorer. 
  • There we go, money in the bank ..... but more importantly, extra room for manouevre  under the wage cap.

    Now we'll see 2 strikers sign as Bows & Gallen roll the dice again.

  • Not bothered in the slightest 
  • I'm pretty gutted, I liked him. 

    Good luck to him he will get goals for them and will be playing with a beast of a forward in Dykes 
  • All the best to him hope he does well
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  • Good luck to him, hope it works out at QPR. First time in a long time we've sold a player and it's felt like good business for us, although need to see the replacements to substantiate that. Got a sell on clause too so even better
  • Result , utter chuff 
    he wont get 10 goals for them (excluding pens) this season
     I kind of feel the same but don't want to get bitten on the arse so am saying nothing

  • Decent bit of business IF we sign some goal scorers.

    Worked hard and was a trier but needed 7 opportunities to score- shows he had good positional sense and created the right chances for himself and going to a club in a better position as back up/ rotation striker may afford him the luxury of time to work on his finishing and improve his chance/ to goal ratio.

    He's not had that with us as pretty much got thrown in on arrival due to necessity.  Our need is more urgent in terms of getting players in now who will net chances rather than long term prospects.

    Good luck Macauley. A decent striker in there.
  • Great bit of business tbh. Bowyer said he wasnt banging on the door to leave but I felt his head had been turned.

    Good luck all the same!
  • Good sale at that price.

    Wish him luck, came across as a decent bloke and worked very hard on the pitch.
  • Really good deal for us and for him. Not sure it is for QPR, but time will tell.
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